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Religion by Inheritance

Islam-Judaism-Christianity Incidence of attack on Philadelphia Pentecostal Church, in Essa Nagri Karachi, on October 19, 2012, has necessitated the contents below. Attention of Muslim brothers is drawn to verse number 40, Surah Al-Hajj, wherein God Almighty says that if he stops replacing one group of people by another group of people, the places of worship of various religions, where God’s name is repeated over and over again, will be destroyed.

This verse very clearly instructs all those who claim to be believers, that God Almighty very seriously demands supreme respect for all such worship places, where He is regularly and continuously remembered through worship and prayers. Consequently damaging or destroying so defined worship places, is direct attack against God. Can a group claiming to be a believer in God Almighty’s powers of creation and accountability, involve in such attacks? If yes, such group must be prepared for absolute extinction form the face of earth.

A person’s belief in a religion by mere inheritance, without thorough study of its basic holy book, turns out to be source of many problems for his fellow human beings, on many occasions. No sensible person would like to sign an agreement without knowing the contents of the agreement.

An educated individual, intended to follow some religion, must donate time to study and understand the original holy book of every such religion that attract him most. This is the only and the most reasonable procedure for anybody’s selection of a religion. With the passage of time he certainly owns his God given choice to change over to any other religion. It may be mentioned here that any ideology not authenticating God Almighty’s powers of creations and accountability, does not fall under the definition of religion, in this discussion. It may further be stated that a mere sentimental approach to such study of holy books will never conclude desired results. A state of indecision will over power all efforts.

As for the uneducated person, the search depends on quantum of his eagerness and sincerity to find the truth. The best procedure for him is to attend sermons at worship places of such religions that appeal to him most. For this purpose he will have to select worship places where most learned and knowledgeable preachers conduct sermons. He must attend lectures repeatedly for accurate conclusion. In whole of this process he should avoid sentimental attitude and keep his senses alert for truth and justice. Every human being is ultimately answerable to God and nobody else.

None of the recognized religions teaches hatred for other religions and its followers. A preacher teaching hatred for others is not preaching a religion. Such person must be presenting his personal ideas instead of instructions of the holy books. Such a preacher must have been entangled into some personal problems based on personal ambitions, some of which might be as under:-

To display his personal image –– to retain his posting in a particular worship place to avoid transfer and posting in some far off backward country, in Asian or African continents –– to increase the amounts of gratifications from the people –– to console his own doubts about the religion preached by him –– to denounce other preachers of his own religion, etc.

All recognized religions are benevolent. Matter of inherited religion, without thorough study of relevant original holy books, create problems against harmony among human beings. It may be mentioned here that holy books can never undergo process of modification, addition or alteration.

Educated people claiming to be followers of various religions, without thorough study of relevant holy books of those religions, come under following category:-

They are not at all serious about following any religion. They acquire their educational degrees by studying hundred of books and notes, but they do not spare time for thorough study of one holy book of the religion adopted by every one of them. In this context, there are apologies for uneducated persons, but if the enthusiasm is there, they certainly can reach the truth through efforts discussed above.


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