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Another Patriotic Hero Departs

Flight Lieutenant Cecil Chaudhry Mr. Cecil Chaudhry recently expired in Lahore. As Flight Lieutenant he rose to fame defending his mother land against enemy’s undeclared war of 1965. He was later promoted as Group Captain and retired as such, although on the basis of his capabilities he deserved much further promotions. Born to disciplined devoted Christian parents, he had been reared and brought up to be a thorough gentleman possessing deeply responsible attitude towards his responsibilities and assignments. His concentration and active contribution to cause of humanitarian values were the crown of his personality. His nationwide and worldwide fame as a hero started with the start of 1965 Indo-Pakistan war. He owned unconquerable patience, tolerance and forbearance to contain the odds and injustice faced by him in life. His love for Pakistan never dwindled. He always planned confidently and action part of his planning used to be as rational as possible. In short he was the embodiment of apostle of Mr. Justice A. R. Cornelius, straight, upright and never negatively affected by praises or disregards. He paid his part of homage to women, children and men of the massacre for procuring this homeland. He will continue to live as source of incentive for profound sincerity and respect for his homeland, and for his struggle for justice and equal rights for all categories of citizens.

Sabre-Jet Such are the figures carved by caring parents and professional training. With the departure of this hero, scholars and veterans are deeply grieved that they are departing under the circumstances when the country is in a highly deteriorating condition. Incapable politicians and dictators are compromising the very basic rights and dignity of the country. National and international status of Pakistan during years of 1950s has drastically been defaced during past sixty years’ period. As compared to Pakistan of 1956 every aspect of state’s and citizens’ life has suffered from horrible downfall. Discipline, law & order, education, civil, amenities, railways, canals, electricity, gas and above all planning for future generations are all in worst condition. Dictators and corruption mongers are interfering with the institutions that are the basic foundations of security and prosperity of all levels of citizens. Sex agitating displays on newspapers and on TV in our conservative setup are spreading sex crimes like wild fire engulfing babies and housewives. Essential and basic diet items are beyond the reach of majority of population. Ministers and MNAs are mostly playing every card to bypass or disobey the judiciary. Invaluable time of the judges is openly being wasted through colorful lame excuses not at all pertinent to the process of investigations and verdicts.

There were times when we used to forestall the foreign dictation. Now it is the time when taking dictations is being considered as matter of honor. A dictator sold a lot of nation’s basic rights to the foreigners. In all fairness it was the foremost responsibility of the elected democratic government to scrutinize and recover the compromised national basic rights. On the exact opposite, more and more complicated species of spying networks started pouring in, which turned the state and the governing lot over to mockery of leading a country.

Who thinks that the departing heroes and veterans are departing happy under such grave circumstances? No, they are departing in a state of extreme agony. Heroes and veterans who kept chasing death and the enemy to let the nation survive, are departing in miserable atmosphere enveloping the country. Incapable greedy politicians are all the time concentrating on chasing the Power Chair for misappropriations of all categories. We are causing the departure of our heroes and patriots in a sense of depression and insult.


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