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Of Mind and Maturity

maturity Special for affected individuals of un-retaliated colonial rule

Getting impressed by an individual carries one of the two notions:-

I. Token of appreciation for individuals’ qualities.
II. Sense of inferiority on the part of impressed person.

Persons putting in specific efforts, aiming at impressing others to be a wonderful figure for them, by their luxurious standards of living, their ever decorated residence, their dresses, their vocal powers in which they use imported terminologies and etiquettes, ultimately end in miserable loneliness, destitution, dejection, disrespect, drugs addiction, poverty and multiple psychological disorders.

Peoples ignoring and postponing nation building process as a result of incompetent, corrupt or mediocre leadership, suffer most in matters of self respect, dignity and maturity. Respectable citizens of corrupt states belonging to any school of thought or religion can be benefited by behavior, conduct and teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Renowned scholars of various schools of thought and religions, writers, mathematicians and historians have acknowledges this fact in best suiting expressions.

A person’s healthy mental maturity is judged from the ways he behaves with individuals of lower or higher status. If he feels boasted and elated in dealing with individuals of lower status, his mental health needs proper treatment. Next, if he feels slight and meek in dealing with people of higher status, his mental state requires training and treatment till perfect recovery. Such persons, unless completely cured, always carry parasitic behavior towards any responsibility, continuously looking for someone to do the job on his behalf. Due to miserable necessity of maintaining their false posture, they remain in search of illegal sources of earning, thus profusely contributing to multi-directional corruption and misappropriations, including sex affairs. So, on the whole they are root cause of all evils. Above all generally they do not have an iota of respect for sacred relations and any religion.

Such mental cases can be cured only by highly rigorous efforts of the psychiatrists, because they never accept that there is anything wrong with them. If left masquerading without treatment and cure, they are sure to transfer the symptoms of disorders over to their children and colleagues.

In any circumstances these individuals should not be entrusted with sensitive responsibilities connected to affairs of state and nation, because even meager threats including those connected with their personal drawbacks, will bring them to knees for surrendering and releasing sacred secrets of the state and the nation. Gentlemen are required to be highly careful in dealing with them for private affairs. It is very much likely that their disorders recur even after treatment and cure.


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