Friday, July 19, 2024

Our Own Graceful Culture

headscarfimage5 Grabbing power through unconstitutional tactics or deceptive mandate and then permitting components of information & broadcast __ TV / Cable, newspapers, periodicals, etc. __ 100% against the cultural and religious values of sons / daughters of the soil, always results in sex crimes, multiple crimes, corruption and all types of misappropriations. Will there ever be sincere respect for the sentiments and values of the people?

Established cultures will never adopt or absorb elements of alien cultures.  So why introduce and display alien life styles in the sub-continent? Most of the species of crimes and corruption in sub-continent, are the result of deliberately forced introduction of baseless alien culture inside thousands of centuries’ old sound culture. Daily news papers speak of the profuse sex crimes including those that involve minors and infants, rape, abduction, etc.indianwomen

We do need to respect ourselves to let others respect us.

Written By: Geodetic Engineer M. Ashraf


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