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Feeling Agonized on Viewing Calm Surface of Beautiful Blue Lake

carpet-bombing There used to be a bully called Gama in Sialkot (Pakistan), who always thought that people happy and smiling were trespassing the domain of his rights. Even people sharing his boisterous laugh, simply to please him, shocked him. It was colonial rules time of years 1940s in the Sub Continent and I was only a fragile infant. With the physical departure of foreign rulers, I started growing older and older but all the times more and more surprised to know that there are bullies in the international community as well. Happiness and smiling of peoples serve agony to them. Destructive interference in Iraq on pretext of some hypothetically engineered apprehensions, which could never come true, is one of the latest examples. The whole nation was turned over to rubbles and mournings.

The Iraqi leadership was entrapped through lucent promises to prepare them for attacking Iran. Iran had to be avenged as Imam Khumaini’s (PBUH) takeover ended about 25 years old dictated rule in that country. Saddam was the most suitable person to be used for vengeance. When the expected results of the attack turned out to be zero and Iran turned out to be far more stronger the disciplined, the strategy was altogether changed from the very roots and trap was engineered for using resources of Iraq, against Iraq itself.

injured-iraqi-boy Attacking and occupation of Kuwait by Iraq was plotted to further increase the destruction and mourning for Iraqis. This trap was enveloped in guise cover of gift package for Iraq, because Saddam always considered Kuwait as part of Iraqi territory. Who can ever think of attacking and occupying Kuwait without consent of the planners? Carpet bombing and missile attacks followed as preplanned.

Development, progress and prosperity of the people of Iraq deeply tortured the peoples who always consider these elements as their exclusive right, not to be shared with those not part of the consortium.

Let us know some features of Saddam’s great Iraq, during years 1970s, which became the cause of concern for the group of bullies:

1- Getting house plan approved in any part of Iraq, electricity and telephone connections were provided even for kilometers of distances, at top priority.

2- Comprehensive and reliable medical treatment for all citizens and foreigners. 24 hours ambulance services in Baghdad and other cities. Every ambulance was fully equipped with first aid and initial medical treatment. Pakistani patients declared incurable in Pakistan, were successfully treated healthy in Baghdad.

3- Zero friction between various sects of a religion.

4- Absolute freedom of worship for religious norms.

5- Sound educational system evenly managed and administered in cities and villages. Teachers residing in cities voluntarily searching appointments in village schools.

6- Crime free country. Anybody could see singular young ladies comfortably and freely walking over to there homes, on foot, as late as midnight, through crowds of young boys of many nationalities. Foreigners with families moved around with perfect sense of security.

7- Civil courts covering area of tens of acres were generally seen with very few citizens / foreigners moving here and there.

8- In a case of a foreigner against an Iraqi, the judge announced punishment to guilty Iraqi, declaring that in case of epetition of similar misconduct, he will order for breaking his neck.

9- A 20 years old traffic policeman captured a man of 45 years of age, accompanied by his son, crossing road from unauthorized location. The defaulter was asked to pay fine of 15 Dinars. The man told that he was a senior government officer and did not posses 15 Dinars for instant payment. In our presence the young policeman confined him to the lockup at the nearest crossing, providing him with telephone services.

10- Hotels and restaurants were regularly inspected and checked for approved facilities to the customers. Restaurants were minutely checked for all cooked materials to be served to the customers. Many times we saw cooked materials of hundreds of Dinars value being destroyed.

11- Repair and maintenance of public facilities was regular and continuous. Here you see something defective or damaged today, tomorrow you will find it repaired or being repaired.

12- As soon as an Iraqi child, male or female attained age 18 years, his employment was the responsibility of government, in case his / her circumstances not permitted to study further.

13- Work load during duty hours was highly reasonable. In cases of stress Iraqi officers used to say ‘Take it easy’, ‘Don’t mind’, ‘Does not matter’, etc.

14- All old congested and primitive localities were got evacuated for new construction at government expense.

15- Iraqi citizens are highly cultured and courteous. Every time you meet them, you will be greeted with a lot of blessings and good wills

16- Like all Arabs Iraqis posses high profile in hospitality and care for their guests. If they invite a single person for meals, at least 15 to 20 other people are also invited as honor.

17- Tax free country for all.

18- Prime respect for qualifications and experience, no age limit for foreigners to contribute in the development of Iraq. I saw a 78 years old foreigner, Survey Engineer working on a project.

19- Foreigners enjoyed respect that, perhaps, they did not enjoy in their own countries.

20- For procurement of land suitable for productive agriculture items, a main drain (Musabbal Aam) was constructed from hilly north of the country over to south, up to Shattal Arab.

21- Process of investigation about the abnormal activities of the foreigners was minutely carried out with exceptional secrecy, without even a gesture to anybody. Nobody was searched openly and nobody was ever asked to take off his cloths at the airports.

22- Not even a single word of any of the foreign languages was heard from Iraqis. To deal with foreigners, there were small cells where Iraqi officers knowing other languages, used to sit.

And so on.

iraq bombing Afghanistan saw only a few months of crime free society when the bullies came into action. There are tremendous reserves of lithium in Afghanistan. There is no limit to the excuses for interference and attack. The existing list of justifications is very long and the manufacture work for near and far future is continuing day and night. Destruction of Iraq is not the end of the game which verily has no end at all. Next are Iran and North Korea. Pakistan is on hit section of the list because 55 years of dictated rule is ever endangered by some Mahateer Muhammad here.

They do start and continue negotiations for months together, but their line of action is always pre-settled. During entire course of dialogue, they keep concentrated on ways of using their huge arsenal for destruction of everything possessed by the smiling peoples.

The group of bullies as whole sincerely follows the doctrine “when I see a weak smiling and happy, I am severely annoyed. When I see a strong happy and smiling, I feel pity for him”. Further, for them serious dialogue is for the strong only.


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