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Wishful Prophecies before Site work

daydreaming To be afraid of a gun that has not fired yet, bears least strategic value. At the same time floating boisterous claims in media months before spade work for a project, give every indication of faltering state of indecision. Such attitude is failure at the very box office. Just note the wishful poetic statement of a responsible member of the ruling party of Pakistan before even the paper work planning: “A history is being written”. By another member, a continuous repeated statement during the last about 12 weeks ‘energy problem is being treated on war basis’. True patriots selflessly serve state / nation and leave the comments for the historians. Pakistani politicians push comments to media before initiating primary planning for solutions of nation’s problems. This sounds to be considerably self centered policy. It is a policy of reckless effort to win the coming elections after five years. Real statesmen announce final results of achievements of their efforts, whereas most of their citizens don’t know about the period during which the planning had been done or during which actual works on planning started. Statements for media before start of even the planning for solution to national problems, is a curse shadowing the citizens of low literacy states where the masses are duped with ever fresh promises for even the seriously belated public problems. Under coverage of the Western Democracy, every ruling member feels completely secure because he knows that nobody can interfere with his job of issuing statements. There is no supreme council to judge and forestall such anti public attitudes. This confirms that Western democracy is not meant for low literacy states in absence of a supreme authority of experts, professionals, scholars and religious leaders with constitutional powers to fire the incompetent members of ruling party regardless of his / her status. The educated lots of such states do feel the thrust of insult hurled on the population but they are powerless even to mention that they are being insulted along with all the citizens. Members of the governing team know that all the educated, trained and experienced lot of citizens are either subject to their command or at least not in a position to raise a just voice in the interest of the country and the nation.


There are countless potentials of all varieties in Pakistan. Still the Pakistani governments have always explored the volume of dollars with IMF and the World Bank. The main part of the Subcontinent i.e. India, started exploring resources of the motherland right from August 1947. They have pooled their water resources so wisely that anybody can feel their unflinching love for Bharat Mata. Exploration and capturing Siachen Glacier was initiated by one of its army Second Lieutenant Narinder Kumar. He discovered Siachen Glacier in capacity of an ordinary citizen. He did not have a mission from the army. Pakistani politicians only pay poetic lip homage to the state and the citizens. That is why, perhaps, poetry and singing is in progress far ahead of any other country on the globe. Writing and singing national songs constitute least love for the nation / state. Indian citizens have been favourably blessed by its lands, waters and mineral resources. With world’s number two top populations, it is in position to sell electricity to neighbouring countries. Compared to 65 years of governance in Pakistan, it is prodigiously awesome. Right from August 14, 1947, every politician’s effort has been to grab the top most power chairs. Politicians have always neglected the resources of state’s lands and in return the lands have cursed everybody with dearth and deficiency in everything. Poor cannot even feed themselves properly. Dearth has created adultery attitude in all species of victuals including milk which is prime need of infants and growing children. There is an emphatic suggestion to all the old politicians and the politicians by inheritance. Have pity on this country procured on the cost of numerous honours, lives and properties. Currency has been devalued horribly. Every department and institution has been worstly deteriorated and this included energy, railways, roads, canals, education, medical treatment, law and order, etc. let new ladies and gentlemen come forward to solve nations problems. They will certainly be blessed with the etiquettes of announcing achieved results, not of hypothetical illusions of ‘we plan to do’. They will be selfless beyond imagination of historical politicians. Anybody will be terribly sure that this suggestion will never be accepted by the professional politicians. If the educated lot of citizens continues pressure with support of judiciary and defence, the day will come when patriots will come forward selflessly to help this suffering nation. They will do wonders in their legitimate tenure of governance and might quit politics after that, like Mahathir Muhammad of Malaysia. Our sun will certainly rise then.

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