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Separation from India to Follow Indians

Gillani vs. Manmohan

Gillani vs. Manmohan

Compact unit of Indian Territory was divided to create a new state i.e. Pakistan. Thirty years of struggle involved the fundamental motto ‘Muslims are a separate nation’. To procure the state was not an easy process for the Muslims residing in India were left helpless. They suffered destruction of honours, lives and properties in devastating process of massacre. Not even a gesture of ‘Muslims are a separate nation’ was introduced to the lifestyles of citizens in the new Muslim state. Exactly on the contrary, every smallest factor creatively initiated and introduced by the Indian leaders and citizens, was sincerely and obediently copied for citizens of Pakistan. Is it a gesture of repentance and remorse for breaking India? Verily it gives every indication of that. Have a look at a following few Indian imitations so faithfully, obediently and sincerely adopted for Pakistani citizens:-

  1. National Anthem ‘Ae Quid-e-Azam tera ehsan hai ehsan’ is a copy of a creative Indian national anthem.
  2. Loak Sabha and Raje Sabha were copied with Awan-e-Zereen and Awan-e-Bala, but it could not be maintained due to some politicians’ having extra ordinary sincerely to liking and disliking of Western Nations.
  3. Female nakedness in modelling especially for advertisements, against the traditions of the Muslims.
  4. Establishment of modelling nurseries and introduction of under age children and infants to all classes of media against the international restrictions related to child labour. Why? Only because India is doing that.
  5. Couple and mixed dances are part of religious norms for Indians. Pakistan copied it in advertisements, dramas and theatres channels to negate the radical motto. Remember that Indian attach ‘Kala’ (art of dancing, singing etc.) to religious norms whereas no interpretation related to Muslims justifies it.
  6. Indian film Raja Hindustani was copied by the film Raja Pakistani.
Gillani vs. Manmohan

Gillani vs. Manmohan

If at all Indians imitation was fair, it was considered insultsome and derogatory by the Pakistani politicians. Have a look at the following:-

  1. Common man’s dress for all Indian politicians in power or in opposition.
  2. A top layer of Indian politicians achieving international reputation for honesty, sincerity and impartiality.
  3. No mentionable rigging in national or provincial polls in India.
  4. Governance members resigning from office on failure, in India.
  5. Dictatorship of months does speak of elimination of civil unrest, but that of decades speaks of greed and gains for personal and family benefits, in Pakistan.
  6. Inherited politics proceeding to extinction in India, whereas it is flourishing day by day in Pakistan.
  7. Creative research for agriculture and farm production in India.
  8. Colonial institutions, acquired at the cost of miseries of slavery of hundred fifty years, are honestly maintained and improved in India, whereas these have become relics in Pakistan, Railways, roads and canals can be quoted as examples. Trees growing inside hollow of electric poles and birds’ nests in telephone poles DPs.
  9. Indians planned for development of water resources well before the approaching independence. Citizens of Pakistan are mercilessly suffering from neglect for water resources. Pakistani rulers uniquely concentrated on grabbing the power chairs for VIP status only.

Justice demands, in all fairness, that all previous and present rulers be brought to top benches of judiciary for verdicts towards competence and failures. Even foreigners will demand that.

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