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Traditions of Sub-Continent Invaded

indian-subcontinent-map For special attention of the peoples of Sub-continent:

Peoples of Sub-continent have been ruled by foreign invaders for many centuries. Countless freedom fighters were mercilessly slaughtered. Generations have bees deprived of a lot in every aspect of human life including civil amenities, health and education. Invaders choosing permanent settlement in the territory remained wasting the resources of the country on luxury and monumentations without any project of perennial benefits to the sons and daughters of the soil. No productive projects were started for providing regular livelihood to the people.

Non resident invaders regularly transported all types of the rich resources of the land over to their mother land. On leaving the sub-continent, they left behind quiet a baggage of problems, continuously generating rifts in the region affecting the whole world. They totally failed to furnish a political and soundly governing system suiting the social requirements of the peoples, they had been knowing deeply during the 150 years period. After their departure, their continuing system only helped the politically incapable figures, proficient only in duping he simple illiterate poor people for bagging majority votes to grab the power-chair for misappropriations resulting in elected and non elected greedy dictators, ultimately enlisting the country amongst the declared corrupt states of the world.

During these dark periods peoples have steadfastly upheld the values of their culture and social traditions. Certainly they deserve every honour and respect for this extra ordinary and outstanding determination. Justice and respect for the blood of martyrs of independence struggles now demand respect for local cultural and social values. Being the custodians of the most ancient civilization of the world, this need becomes all the more binding on the peoples.

Assault against Traditions:
Assault against the traditional values of the peoples of the Sub-continent, is as serious as the foreign usurpers. Affected citizens behaving in alien manners develop a class distinction, very injurious to local social harmony. They miserably deceive themselves to simulate as modern. To be modern has nothing to do with wear, dialect, littering hair and alien manners. To be modern in shortest possible terms is:

· To acquire powers of productive creativity for minimizing dependence on others.

· To possess capabilities and courage to solve day to day problems.

· To assess the future necessities in advance.

Peoples must be proud of their traditions, cultures, titles, appellations, denominations and etiquettes. For citizens suffering from use of alien manners instead of beautiful local etiquettes, I would like to translate two verses from poetry:-

“Is it love for slavery or abyss of mental stagnation that has taught slaves’ etiquettes to Muslims of sub continent” (unknown).

“It is conspicuous tendency of knowledge and know how of the slave nations that it matters little if Earth squeezes to accommodate them, there is vast accommodation in the Space” (Allama Iqbal).

Imitation of alien etiquettes might be need of peoples with obscure past. Mastering in a foreign language carries a no obligation for using it in daily life. Learning a foreign language for international contact and communications does not bind anybody to forget his own medium of speech. So many people learn various foreign language but they never start using these at home in routine. Mastering a foreign language is a pride of a student and not of a language learnt.

There is a very beautiful example to be mentioned here. A white European studying for his masters degree in Saraiki language (medium of communication in south Punjab, Pakistan) in Gomal University, Dera Ismail Khan (NWFP, Pakistan) during 90s of last century. Local students of his class and students of other subjects around him generally used to ridicule him for his selection of the subject, but he never cared. One day a few local students gathered around him and asked him about his comments for selecting Saraiki for his degree. He told them that he feels honoured to be the master of so many languages of the world. The students said that it was so ordinary a language to learn. On this the European student was slightly irritated. He said “If you think so, then translate ‘abrupt’ into Saraiki for me”. All the translations that the local students produced belong to Urdu, Punjabi and Sindhi languages. The students then got ashamed. They completely failed to translate such commonly spoken word into their very mother tongue. The European student kept calmly smiling. Finally the local students requested him to translate ‘abrupt’ into their mother tongue. At that surrender, he translated it as ‘Abar hoti’ in Saraiki. Everybody was stunned for his deep knowledge of their mother tongue.

So this was the pride of the European student. He certainly did not start using Saraiki terminologies on retuning to his home in Europe. He never called his father as ‘Peu’, his mother as ‘Mai’ and his wife as ‘Zal’. Cannot we learn reasonable and sensible from this example? We must resume straight Mata, Pita etc forgetting Mama, Papa etc for good.

Needed Contributions from Teachers / Educators:
As the future of children is jeopardised by greedy inland TV channels, educators face additional challenges. Going through this short article, they need to re-assess their serious responsibilities towards children under fear of God Almighty. They must educate the children against negative effects of television programs by explaining hell of difference between the tiresome job of shooting scenes and final presentation for showing those scenes. Some countries manage to educate their children by displaying shooting process of some scenes. Children take TV as reality. We must guide them that when two persons appear on screen, there is team of 10 to 15 workers accompanying the camera that we cannot see, in December 2007, a visiting 9 years old boy of Punjab origin, born and brought up in West, after watching sex displays in advertisements and dramas on TV, innocently remarked, “I came to meet and see values of East but they are no different as compared to West. In USA, they do care for the children.

Adverse role of States’ T.V. Channels:
There is Hades of difference between cinema and TV. TV is a domestic device for the families, not section of any film industry. There seems to be no controlling authority as States’ TV channels are indulged in misappropriations of permissions drastically. Ridiculously they expect thanks for showing odd scenes of film industry in advertisements on domestic device. They are voraciously rejoicing ‘mauj masti’ and ‘kushal mangal’. The sole aim is to snatch the last penny out of citizens’ savings, in exchange for false ads for false materials, suggesting whether or not you need an item, do possess it by hook or crook, by fair or foul. Mode of all TV ads gives a very shiny impression about the spending power of the people as compared to that of the people of Europe, America or Japan. These ads are awesome surprise for the poor of the society. Elements of silent dissidence start developing, causing eruption of multiple crimes, especially sex crimes which have reached a stage where minors are target now.

TV channels money-making will remain unaffected even with neat introductions of the products, still they are party to very very sexy tricky ads, involving display of body sections of women, to grab that particular Penny which the citizen decisively intends to save. How else do you define treachery? TV channels degrade women, insult traditions, and support the boost of crimes. Sex agitating ads are becoming principle cause of VD’s and Aids day be day. Boost of social and sex crimes are becoming highly serious problems for law enforcing agencies and the health departments.

The management of these TV channels is absolutely incapable of assessing:-

· Effects of sex displays in conservative societies.

· Effects of sex displays in a sex-free society.

Similarly they are too intelligent to understand:-

· Ad is to introduce item with its good or bad qualities.

· Ad is not to introduce couple, group and naked dances on excuse of an item.

They totally forget that the device provides source of information and education for the whole family. They behave to be totally outsiders, unconcerned with the disruptive consequences of resultant social disarray of their sex displays. So the greedy groups in guise of media, misusing media for money making, sowing social evils to be reaped by citizens’ should be sorted out and control or eliminated completely.

Published evidence of TV channels share in boost of Crimes:
Destructive effects of the ads, songs, dress shoes, beauty shows etc. have already started very conspicuously. I would like to quote three touching representative examples of human sufferings, resulting out of TV sex displays:

Ø The daily, ‘The News’ (Pakistan) dated 26.06.2005:

‘New Delhi. An Indian couple and their three children committed suicide, unable to bear the humiliation caused when the older daughter eloped ……..’ This is the most pathetic example of mankind’s history that happened due to TV channels’ sex exploitation in a conservative society.

Ø ‘The daily Jang News’, 2005 (translated):

‘Scenes of social promiscuity on TV channels, destructive for the generations, must be stopped. Resolution of an Indian state assembly. Wadan Bohon, India (News report) ………..’

Ø ‘The Daily Jang’, 2008:

A 16 years old boy committed suicide for the reason that his parents refused to buy him a new motorcycle displayed on TV, in place of one already under use with him.

In addition, the daily news papers are filled with sex crimes and other negative effects of TV ads. Everybody knows that birth and growing of children is a continuous process, so for God sake save the children and control the TV channels.

TV channels forget that they are operating for the peoples, where Hindu, Christian, Muslim and Sikh ladies forming above 98 percent of women population cover their heads in token of sincere respect for hundreds of centuries of old traditions of distinctions. States’ Think Tanks are required to contribute measures for security and conservation of the cultural and traditional values for the peoples of Sub-continent, a territory of distinction amongst the nations of the World. This will contribute to the territorial harmony as well as to the security and law & order in the constituent states, as well as to the world as whole.

Things that can be learnt and shared mutually by all nations of the world:
1. Generosity, hospitality and sacrificing are the basic human qualities of the peoples of the Sub-continent.

2. Training and guidance of children with utmost diligence. Tremendous efforts are a must in this direction. The goal is very far for us. In Tokyo, in 1999, a six years old Japanese boy rushed and gripped the wrist of an engineer from Sub-continent, furiously shouting “This way you will make my country dirty. Pick up this empty cane from the road and come with me to drop it in waste container”.

3. Respect for use of time and justice to duty with honesty.

4. Sound planning before start and practical concentration instead of mere words.

5. Sincere respect for law. No support or favour for wrong deeds.

6. When offered a position of serious responsibilities, think a hundred times, whether are not you are really up to the mark for that, under fear of ALMIGHY God, Parameshwara, Rabb, Jesus Christ, Budha.

Fundamental truths, certified by history:
1. Peoples insulting and hating their own traditions remain suspended in disgrace and disrespect.

2. Peoples internally weak, corrupt and torn by crime are dominated or conquered by foreigners.

3. Peoples becoming habitual of relishing foreign aid (Alms) and debts are never free peoples.

4. Peoples delaying or interfering with process of justice, do not live long.

Killing of thousands of scholars makes little difference as compared to destruction caused by a tiny group of greedy corrupt rulers.

By: Geodetic Engr. M. Ashraf

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