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Partial Concern for Children

Child Modeling

How do you define labour? Answer is very straight and simple. All types of physical and mental labour in return for remunerations in labour. International restrictions in connection with Child Labour are partial. Children below 18 years of age are extensively employed for modelling for all TV programs including advertisements. Print media feels pleasure in contracting advertisements involving children of all ages below 18 years. Not a single voice has been raised against modelling child labour. Modelling spoils and derails the whole direction of life of most of the children who continue to bear the forced stresses of makeup rooms and rehearsals to face camera. It is very deplorable that quite a lot of female children are sexually assaulted before or after their teens. Famous pop singer Madonna says that she had been sexually assaulted when she was a young artist. Other children feel embarrassed to narrate the mishaps faced by them. Makeup rooms are mazes of scandals born to involve children and adults. Quite a number of female babies continuing their modelling journey over to adult maturity become regular sex figures. There are dominant gangs who provide considerably thick blanket for keeping the affairs secret. Muslim countries, especially countries with names beginning with Islamic Jamhuriya, if asked, ‘Why do you permit such heinous field of modelling child labour’, they will promptly utter ‘because our masters in West permit and practice that’. Meaning that in this aspect also they do not have their own way of using the grey matter.

If modelling child labour is justifiable in any damn way, technological child labour in low literacy corrupt states stands to be a blessing. Such child labour in like primary education and practical knowledge without paying fees. Technological child labour has produced technical and mechanical experts who easily solve problems which some of graduate engineers utterly fail to asses and solve. In South Asian countries they are helping the citizens at comparatively low expenses. Motor vehicles repairing workmen, electricians, plumbers, tube well mechanics, carpenters, blacksmiths, tailors, welders, farmers, painters, masons, etc. are the experts who have qualified from the child labour institutions. These workers possess one of the highest percentages of adequately cultured and good mannered technicians. Just imagine the other side of the picture in corrupt states. These very individuals would have been otherwise beggars, thieves and addicts. Adopting road from child labour to experienced workmen, all of them are maintaining families and most of them educating their children. Still the process of technological and mechanical child labour continues, openly or secretly. In declared corrupt states where politicians join politics absolutely for misappropriations of public funds in countless ways, not all known to members of UNO, child labour in technical fields is serving as shield against crimes and narcotics addictions. It is producing highly well behaved ladies and gentlemen as compared to child models.  I personally came across a scene in which a grown up child model was hurling dirtiest Punjabi abuses to a group of university students who had stopped her for an autograph. In real private life a horrible majority of models own the same character and conduct.

In spite of all this, if child labour has to be eliminated the process must be started from child models. It adds to the problems of the society. The modelling job must be permitted for adults only whosoever decide upon adopting it. Accordingly males / females below 18 years age must be disallowed entry into studies and ads centres. People violating instructions must be heavily fined and even imprisoned.

Deeply concentrating on odds of child labour and totally omitting child models speaks of catastrophic aims and ends.  How and why this omission took place. The omission creates strategic doubts, real or hypothetical, because when caption of thesis was chosen as Child Labour, why did it include some and exclude others. Nobody is in a position to present an apology for that. History of child modelling has caused destructive consequences to lives of individuals who could otherwise be productive and beneficial to their fellow human beings. Narcotics addiction is wide spread among the models as a result of immaterial and frivolous output that vanishes right at the conclusion of every single flash.

In modern times of complex graphic designing, there is absolutely no need of child models. If any gang stresses upon its need, he is certainly not honest. Let us save our children from this highly controversial and doubtful activity no less than an abuse for the children.

As for adult models, it is an obligation to appear through medium of makeup rooms, whether they like it or not. News casters and comperes are not models. They are persons with specific duty of releasing news and managing constructive programs. If news casters and compeers are made to appear through makeup rooms, it is something mysterious. They must appear casually like bank employees, educationists, office workers, etc.

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