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Nato Forces v.s Taliban Fighters

Nato Forces v.s Taliban Fighters

Viewpoints of senior Indian journalist (Mr. M. J. Akbar), published in the Daily DAWN of March 09, 2014, reflect his concern regarding the security of his own country as well as that of the entire surrounding areas in North and North West. Under a state of serious apprehensions about terrorism, he has unintentionally recorded self-contradictory suggestions. On one hand he classifies the theocratic extremists to be invincible, quoting the debacles of Russian and American & NATO armies. At the same time he advises Indian leaderships to reorganise Indian defence forces for acquiring capabilities of defeating theology oriented extremists. He opines for extra ordinary expenditure to fight the invisible and invincible enemy neglecting the citizens’ welfare and proposing adding more to millions hungry. For these ideas he has been motivated from the statement of Mr. Rumsfeld’s army in Iraq. How could Mr. Rumsfeld be dissatisfied with the army with hard earned experience of Vietnam? Power in pursuit of more power costs a lot and achievement of power beyond limits erodes its own self. It has got to be an unbearable burden on public funds. Unbearable hunger might explode into far more serious challenges, catastrophic for the state and the nation, providing chances of foreign interferences always at their toes to avail of the opportunity.

Mere reliance on power outfits betrays and proceeds to ultimate surrender under pitiably insult some situations. That does not mean that there should be no army at all. Internal strength always sustains and supports the armies. And internal power can never be achieved by minds that plan in term of coins. India can doubtlessly contain all species of external onslaughts if it is strengthened internally. Secularism is a vague term. It actually rebels. It only wants more from women and so it is closer to communism. Internal strength can never be acquired without following the dogma of honourable Mahatma Ghandi. Nucleus of this dogma is sound mutual cordiality among people of drastically varying faiths and beliefs. Priority to safety and integrity of the state can unite them all as one family. Honourable Ghandi Jee’s principle needs the contributions of all religious leaders for the sake of state and the nation. If these leaders sincerely unite, they can make a society that cares for the state’s interests. United citizens at the back of army can deal with all types of intrusions. Next comes the support from the political leaderships who must strengthen the internal harmonious atmosphere impartially. They must eliminate all kinds of discriminations undermining the citizens’ rights as Indian nationals. A nation internally divided can never succeed even with a super strong army. There should be no attacks on minorities, worship places and weak sections of the society. Everybody must have regards for others’ faiths. All Holy Books teach mutual respect. No divine book teaches hatred. Muslims’ Holy Book also strictly and stressfully instructs for due respect to all other believers. On the part of political leaders, all international commitments must be honoured for the sake of regional harmony. No serious or formal commitment ever gets time barred.

As for Taliban, everybody talks about their operations. Nobody gets into the reasons of their actions. Nobody asks them about their demands. All states concentrate on use of power against them whereas power policy ultimately vanishes. Taliban have birth right of survival in accordance with their tradition. They are not at all the aggressors. They are infact under serious aggression. They are scared of absolute misuse of physique of women who are being used as mere toys of sex matters. This is outright insult to the very existence of females. Taliban are active simply for security and honour of women. Women are half naked in offices, markets and TV screen, whereas, men are tightly dressed from neck to feet. There must be no devices for interfering with the lifestyle of Taliban. There will be no apprehensions against Taliban. We must manage to let them live as they like. Hypothetical vision of their desire of conquering Asia is mere hallucination.

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