Sunday, October 24, 2021

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Narendra Modi & Sartaj Aziz

Narendra Modi & Sartaj Aziz

If Mr. Narendra Modi acquires the position of Prime Minister or President of India, it becomes an international obligation for Pakistani rulers to go ahead for establishing relations with the people of India through their elected leaders. What happened in Ahmadabad can never be forgotten on humanitarian grounds. Massacre and dishonouring of the citizens in presence of police force, is something that no citizen of world will ever forget. Pakistani Prime Minister’s assistant Mr. Sartaj Aziz has announced (Nawa-e-Waqt of March 14, 2014), something extremely odd and derogatory even against human respect and dignity. I was in Saudi Arabia only days before the massacre and I saw the agony of what had been planned and was going to happen, on the faces of people of Ahmadabad there. If gangs storm your residence and mercilessly slaughter your children, women and elders, you will never surrender justice to smiling welcome for the culprit. A governance member has certainly not earned respect for humanity and the state. In low literacy states, incompetent people engineer out passage over to power chairs. Anybody can be sure that if Mr. Sartaj Aziz is put to interrogation about this statement, he will blame the media for that. And such practice is no new to Pakistanis.

And what does he mean by ‘Mazi’? Punished or unpunished planned atrocities against unarmed innocent citizens can never be forgotten. Continual condemnation of such heinous parts of history must be made a regular practice among the human society to contribute respect for generations of mankind.

Mr. Narendra Modi and people supporting him have not forgotten the breaking of Indian Territory for creation of Pakistan. They don’t believe in ‘Mazi’ for such extra ordinary mishap. They will be no more after some time but their mission will continue. Pakistani rulers must plan and work for an atmosphere in which such massacres are not forced into the Indian people against the minorities. Such an atmosphere is additionally conducive to solidarity of India.

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