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Gilani indicted: Kaira says sad day for Pakistan

kaira Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Yousuf Raza Gilani has been indicted by the Supreme Court of Pakistan in a Contempt of Court Case.

The Supreme Court announced the final verdict against Mr. Gilani upon his refusal to reopen corruption cases against President Asif Ali Zardari.

The ruling party PPP (Pakistan Peoples Party) has entitled this day as “A Sad Day” for the country. PPP’s secretary for information Mr. Qamar Zaman Kaira said it was a very sad day that the prime minister has been charge sheeted. He further quoted:

“For the first time the prime minister has been charged. It’s a sad day for Pakistan” (Geo News quoted the statement of Mr. Kaira after the court hearing got over, February 13, 2012).

What a pathetic political party and what a pathetic kind of political mentality their members have. This statement of Mr. Kaira should be taken to court as another contempt of court.

Who he is and what is his value as compared to the decision of Supreme Court of Pakistan? The Court has served the justice and justice according to the law. Such kind of statements in which a politician directly ridicules the noble decision of Court of Justice should be brought to accountability.

The politicians of PPP either stay in the state of lucid dreaming due to which they have no idea what to say upon appearing in front of TV or they are so dumb that they don’t know the ethics of commenting upon the decision of prestigious Court of Justice.

Contrary to Mr. Kaira’s statement, infact it is the most remarkable day in the history of Pakistan that an executive level person has been indicted for his misact. The Justice department of Pakistan has made a history, that here in this country; Law is above all other things. This is a day to be remembered for decades.

Supreme Court has not made this decision abruptly or in hurry. They gave Prime Minister more than enough time for defence, but perhaps they did not take it seriously. They had a whole army of highly paid and highly qualified lawyers and if they can’t prove the allegation wrong during this awful lot time period, then it becomes doubtless that the decision is absolutely correct.

There is nothing more important than national interest, and a party which puts their party interest over and above the national interest, can never be sincere to the nation. A Political Party exists because the Nation exists, a Nation does not need a Political Party for its existence.

So many heads of states and top politicians of the world have been convicted and there was no cry. Is it for the politicians of Pakistan only that courts’ decisions are termed to be sad? In this particular case the “victim” himself knew in advance what was going to be the court’s decision against his so called “courage” for not listening to the court’s instructions from time to time. The whole situation shows that politicians involved in lamentation were expecting award of Tamgha-e-Jurat for the person involved in contempt of court.



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