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child abuse in pakistan

Increasing Number of Child Molestation Cases in Pakistan

Every year, half of the world’s children are subjected to abuse. The perpetrator’s abuse and the survivor’s suffering, as well as the repercussions, are often hidden from public view. In every civilized society, child molestation or sexual abuse is an unspoken yet troubling question. In this age of globalization, it is critical to set aside […]



Meaningful and Purposeful Education System When we talk about education it is an interaction of learning through which we get information. It edifies, enables, and makes a positive turn of events. But people have created a misconception about education and we’re living in a society where education has been limited to academia only. Education starts […]

Girl Tortured Islamabad

Another Female Servant Tortured by Family

According to TV news dated March 18, 2017, another girl servant has been physically tortured by the employer’s family. The incidence took place in federal capital of Islamic Jamahiriya Pakistan. It reflects on our social and religious character. And if the culprits are not severely punished, it will seriously reflect on our national character. Periodic […]

Child Modeling

Partial Concern for Children

How do you define labour? Answer is very straight and simple. All types of physical and mental labour in return for remunerations in labour. International restrictions in connection with Child Labour are partial. Children below 18 years of age are extensively employed for modelling for all TV programs including advertisements. Print media feels pleasure in […]

Death Penalty for Theft

Death Penalty for Theft

A fifteen years old girl house maid was beaten to death in Garhi Shahu, Lahore. (Daily Dawn of May 20, 2012) The reason for cruelly beating the child has been stated to be theft. Behavior of the police and decision of court are yet to be seen. According to the contents of the news, the […]