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Playing with State’s Basic Rights


Foreign Office statement:
Opening of state’s routes in exchange for civil nuclear technology…

Express News channel of news belt, at 07:30 PM, Dated: January 10, 2012…

Provided that the wording of the statement has been conveyed minutely in accordance with the formal statement by the Foreign Office, so many alarming questions tickle the minds of the concerned Pakistanis:

1- Independent state’s internal rights can never be surrendered to any other country at any cost. In that context this policy statement is as serious as so many other highly serious problems faced by the country during the last few weeks.

2- The subject matter of the statement very much resembles permissiveness of King Shah Jahan, which ultimately translated over to occupation of the Indian Subcontinent, loss of countless lives and above all derailment of an internal track to progress and prosperity.

3- The statement resembles Iranian Shah-in-Shah’s boundless permissiveness to foreigners which concluded drastic massacre and destruction of state’s resources for resuming authority of the people of the state.

4- There is Hades of difference between a facility offered generously for international peace and a facility surrendered in exchange for something demanded.

5- No authority, whatsoever, has the right to play with people’s bestowed powers against the people and their generations’ interests. Every hour we need to learn from history because this cruel thing repeats itself cruelly without even least regards.

Technologies must be based on research and transfer of informations on the basis of international relationships and not on the basis of surrendering state’s and citizens’ rights of possessions.

Subject matter of the State’s Foreign Office conveys gestures of considerable incompetence and serious lack of foresight, horribly against the norms of statesmanship. It is suggested that the words caught by air should be squeezed back forthwith. On the basis of past local and international history, we must maintain policy of adequate smiles avoiding hugs. We must develop own resources and research works for independence. We can not copy India, who possesses enormous powers to redress emerging problems.


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