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Shivering Sentiments

Under mentioned comments are related to an article in The Daily Dawn of August 03, 2014, on page 3 of Images.


What is meant by “Another lonely Eid has passed for the families awaiting their loved ones who has left for Afghanistan in response to Sufi Mohammad’s call for Jihad“?

When Maulana Saleemi’s 23 years old son was martyred in Afghanistan and his body was brought to Kohat, the funeral was carried to graveyard lead by a marriage party band on desire of Maulana. Not even a slightest gesture could be seen behind Maulana’s smiling face all along the track to burial spot.

Nobody should try to weigh attitude of Baluch and Pashtuns with the people of rest of the subcontinent because Baluch / Pashtun weigh life to will of God. Even the Atheist Baluch / Pashtun weigh life to purposes and not to sentiments.

Why people balance feelings of citizens of especially blessed tribes with those of deeply affected by slavery and domination. Pashtuns / Baluch belong to Arab origin and thousands of years later they will behave differently as compared to people of other areas and tribes.

Taqleed e frangi ne ya pasti main tanazzal ne
Musalman ko sikhaee kis ne andaz ghulamana

(It may be due to obedience of Britishers are due to fall in depths
Who taught Muslims to adopt slave mentality)

Tribal people embracing Jihad against cruelty and suppression never repent for all circumstances to follow. Never try to teach Goats’ temperament to Shaheens.


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