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What Is Happening In Afghanistan And Its Impact On Pakistan

On August 15, the U.S. military withdrew their forces from Afghanistan, and the Afghan Taliban saw it as a chance to gain power. They have made rapid advances across stretches of the country and seized many provincial capitals from the Afghan government in Kabul. This development may seem like a welcome initiative for neighbouring countries like Pakistan, but it can also entail many complications for our country. Surely Pakistan’s government supports the Taliban’s takeover, but it must be kept in mind that it’s not a risk free matter.

Afghan Leadership

Afghan Leadership

How Do Pakistan View The U.S Withdrawal From Afghanistan!

Pakistan’s military and civil leadership would like to see a peaceful end to the Afghan conflict in their favour. It is not a secret that Pakistan’s Askari and civil governments are in favour of Taliban control. The whole world sees the Taliban’s influence as a proxy of the Pakistani military. In particular, U.S. officials are saying openly that all countries can not win any war in Afghanistan unless they are supported by Pakistan. The Prime Minister, Imran Khan, stated on national television that the Taliban’s taking over Afghanistan is a symbol of freedom. He added that, “Talibans broke the chain of slavery”. That is why the whole world is pointing out Pakistan in the withdrawal of the US from Kabul. Pakistan would especially like to see the Taliban gain complete control and hold of the Afghan security forces and the country’s national intelligence services for the best interests of Pakistan. The government of Pakistan believes that the intelligence service of Afghanistan is hostile to the country and works with India to destabilize Pakistan by supporting Pashtun and Balochi nationalists, because they’re demanding other illegitimate claims and rights from the government. Therefore, it’s not a hidden secret that Pakistan has a keen interest in recent incidents that have occurred in Afghanistan.

Role Of Pakistan In Taliban’s Takeover:

Virtually no one believes that Pakistan has nothing to do with the Afghan-US deal in 2020, which was held in Qatar. Pakistan backed the Afghan Taliban because it was in the best interest of Pakistan. If they did not support peace in their neighbouring country, then it would have a direct impact on Pakistan’s own peace. That’s the reason Pakistan has always taken an interest in the Afghan government and its state matters, because in its northern borders, the Pashtun and Baloch tribes are with Afghanistan. Prime minister Imran Khan said in April 2021, “If the whole world wants peace in Pakistan and Afghanistan, then they must open a dialogue box with the Afghan Taliban”. This statement clearly shows Pakistan’s positive intentions towards peace and prosperity in both countries. Imran Khan further stated on BBC news, “The Talibans are not a group of militants, they are normal civilians”. This statement became controversial in all the official world, and they started shouting at the PM, “How is it even possible?” Furthermore, the US and its allies started blaming ISI (Pakistan intelligence) for the situation in Afghanistan. Though it’s not true, due to the war in Afghanistan, peace and prosperity have been disturbed and both countries have faced consequences. That is why Pakistan announced the US military invasion as a “first step in the peace process”. Hamid Mir, a famous journalist from Pakistan, stated that “our agencies and government have nothing to do with the Afghan-US deal; we just bring both parties to the dialogue table”. Therefore, the Taliban’s takeover in Afghanistan would be better for both countries, even for the US, in the future, because the Taliban showed the world that they would implement modern Islamic laws and rights for men and women.

Afghan Leadership in Pakistan

Afghan Leadership in Pakistan

Influence Of Pakistan’s Leadership Over The Taliban These Days:

Pakistan will always have stakes in Afghanistan due to its geographical location. Therefore, they cannot turn a blind eye to Afghan issues. That is why Pakistan has influence in Afghanistan, according to the situation. But they don’t have the influence that Indian government officials slander about the country. As Hamid Mir (the famous TV anchor person) stated on an Indian news channel, “Pakistan is the sole territory that faces terrible consequences due to Afghanistan’s chaotic situation”. Prime Minister Imran Khan said from day one that peace is impossible in the Asian region unless the Kashmir and Afghanistan situations are the same. That is why Pakistan always tried to bring both the US and Afghanistan to the same table, but they failed. In August 2021, when the US withdrew their military forces, Imran Khan said, “The Taliban broke the chain of slavery”. This statement became more controversial because some time ago, Khan called the Taliban “normal civilians”. Indians and US officials criticised it and said that those were militants, not civilians. Other reasons for taking a keen interest in Afghan affairs are that Pakistan has open northern borders and all of its coast line is occupied by Pashtun and Baloch tribes. Therefore, to prevent chaos, Pakistan has to take an interest in Afghanistan matters, which is unacceptable to India and other nations. After considering all the mentioned aspects and factors, it can be said that Pakistan is the ambassador of peace and prosperity in Asia, which the Indian government always tried to slander, but they failed.

Why Has Pakistan Supported The Taliban!

Before the Taliban took over Afghanistan’s provincial capitals such as Kabul, India had great influence on Afghanistan with the help of Hamid Karzai, said Pakistan journalists constantly. Therefore, after seizing the Afghan areas by the Taliban, now there’s no bad influence from India. The Indian establishment was involved in raising useless movements in Pashtun, which had illegitimate claims against Pakistan’s sovereignty. That was also the reason Pakistan supported the Taliban except Karzai, because, as per Pakistan’s critical analysts and government officials, Karzai was a proxy for the India and the US. India forged and misrepresented Pakistan on social media and other platforms, saying that Pakistan always supported the Taliban because they wanted to banish the “Pashtun Tahafuz movement”, which is nonviolent. However, this is not the case due to their fabricated claim against Pakistan’s military. According to such movements against Pakistan, which are backed by India and enemies of Pakistan, “we need accountability for the military’s alleged human rights violations against Pashtun civilians”. In fact, these slanders were printed by India against Pakistan a long time ago. At the time of Karzai, Pakistan paid a heavy price for clearing its territory of terrorism, which was the biggest challenge to Pakistan’s military, but Pakistan’s military became successful and that surprised the whole world. According to the ex-DG ISI, “zarbe azab was like do or die for Pakistan, because in this war we could not retreat”. That’s the other angle of the story, but if you look into this matter in depth, it will be clear that the Indian government and intelligence were trying to create a chaotic situation in Balochistan and Pashtun Patti near the Durand Line. Therefore, Pakistan’s decision to support the Taliban in Afghanistan was the most beneficial diplomacy. Also, the Taliban didn’t break their peace agreement which was signed in Qatar in 2020.

Pakistan’s Relationship With U.S After Taliban’s Takeover In Afghanistan:

The Pakistan-US relationship has been strained since Imran Khan used the phrase “absolutely not” when a journalist asked about Pakistan’s policy on its territory. Imran Khan clearly stated that, “we wouldn’t let our land be used against anyone because such practises derailed the peace process”. The relationship between both countries became more cold after the US military invasion of Afghanistan, because Pakistan took the initiative for peace in Afghanistan. The Biden administration holds Pakistan responsible for the Taliban’s instant takeover of Herat, Kabul and Kandahar. Pakistan’s security authorities were supposed to use their authority with the Taliban to urge them to embrace an authority pact with the Afghan government in exchange for international support and financial aid, according to the Biden administration. But this is what the Biden administration expected from Pakistan’s government and security forces. However, Pakistani officials are unwilling to allow their territories to be used for US personal gain. As a result, our Prime Minister made it obvious that he would not cooperate with the American government on this particular matter, which was in the mainstream. Pakistan’s location next to Afghanistan, which has a locked border, affords Pakistani officials a continued advantage over the US. The US military and security forces are focused on using Pakistani air bases to preserve their influence in nearly all counter-terrorism operations, in order to prevent Afghanistan from becoming a focal point for terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda or others. Therefore, overall, Pakistan will take leverage on India and the US because our government and military/security forces are always keen on peace and prosperity in and outside of the country.

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