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Respect for All Religions

Going against the norms of civilized era and human rights, an effort has been made to hurt sentiments of believers. Every human being has right to follow a leader and a preacher. There is no justification for any type of unprovoked criticism by individuals of differing schools of thought. No religion with a divine book of teachings and guidelines advises derogatory attitude against other beliefs. All such religions collectively denounce and condemn cruelty and injustice. In absence of tolerance and accommodation for differing beliefs, human beings can never survive with peace.

As for the Personality against whom derogatory sketches have been published, a shortest possible introduction from history refreshes that homage paid to him even by prominent leading members of various religions and schools of thought were really befitting and rational. The defaulters must, therefore, be sorry for what they have done. They are further advised to study French translation of the Holy Quran impartially alongside thorough study of Holy Bible. Countless followers of the Personality have deeply studied Holy Bible, available parts of Holy Tauraat, Mother Gaeta, Vedas and Granth Sahib:-

‘Very Great Idealist, Superb Orator, Messenger, Creator of Laws, Commander of Armies, Conqueror of Perceptions and Beliefs, Responsible for Establishment of Accurate Code of Life Through His Foresight, Founder of the System in which the Minds never deviate from Creator Almighty, Founder of Twenty Worldly States subject to one God.

This is MUHAMMAD (PBUH). Bring fourth all the standards and devices of assessment that can measure the greatness and superiority of mankind and answer our particular question –– Has there been a human being greater than MUHAMMAD (PBUH)?’

(Lamartine – Historic De La Turqie. Volume II, PP 276-277)

Muslims Protest Charlie Hebdo

Muslims Protest against Charlie Hebdo

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