Monday, April 22, 2024

Guardians of Law Support Extortion

Media reports reflect on effectiveness and quality of governance in a country. These reports sometimes cause shuffling and resignations of Chiefs of departments. Unfortunately peoples of declared seriously corrupt states go on suffering and nobody is removed and nobody resigns.

Pakistani newspapers and TV channels are carrying out their responsibilities in this regard. A sizeable part of daily and hourly reports and news paint a very grave picture about the quality of governance in all parts of the country. Strangely enough, nobody is removed and nobody resigns. Just on the reverse individuals responsible for no hold of their authority grasp their positions more tightly and more greedily. A lover of justice readily yearns for a stickman to appear for setting things straight.

Daily Dawn of February 08, 2015 gives a specimen incident of crime not contained by civil intelligence and security departments well in advance. Policemen in contact with the criminals is noteworthy. This might be a creation of interference with the functioning of police. Here under is the news:-



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