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Prime Heroes


Persons exclusively dedicated to fight against abuses of injustice, cruelty, suppression, domination, usurpation, poverty, disease, ignorance and strategic types of colonialism, belong to top most class of heroes in the history of mankind. This superior most category of heroes is universal. Creator creates them for various missions. Getting out of cradle they grow, adopt their selected tracks, struggle selflessly and expire, mostly in jails or on the gallows. Other heroes differ drastically from the universal heroes because they aim at fame, honour, riches and status for survival.

No hindrance can obstruct way of prime heroes. Ladies & gentlemen possessing vision and powers of intuition can feel and smell the celestial fragrance showered on them by the Supreme Authority who blesses them with exceptionally outstanding personality far higher than that spared for general types of heroes and highly talented figures. They mostly start their journey all alone but the magnetic field of their missions provide them with helpers and supporters. They are soundly self-contained and resolute, never in need of praise and appreciation so badly needed by politicians, poets, novelists and orators. They are personifications of missions that they have to fight for and end for. They are crowned with a status never to be found in dictionaries on earth.

Prime heroes must never be squeezed in circles of countries, sects, castes, religions and tribes. When Almighty selects the prime heroes He does not look into their tribes, sects or beliefs. This will be clear from following list of a few prime heroes of the last about 4 centuries:- Ahmed Bin Billa (Algeria), Nelson Mandela (South Africa), Kamal Ata Turk (Turkey), Martin Luther (Britain), Imam Khumaini (Iran), President Dudayev (Chechnya), Afghan Mujahedeen (Afghanistan), Tipu Sultan (India), Donda Je Waag (India), Baghat Singh (India), Subash Chandar Bhoss (India), Hakeem Saeed (Pakistan), Edhi Ameen (Pakistan), Dr. Ruth Katharina (Founder of Leprosy Centre Karachi Pakistan), Perveen Rehman (Pakistan), Aung San Suu Kyi (Myanmar), Hochi Min and Viet Congs (Vietnam), Mahathir Muhammad (Malaysia)…….

This selection by Supreme Authority does not go into other details about the persons. Every mission assigned to every prime hero was carried out for life and no question ever arose about substitution, replacement or dismissal. Why the writers writing about these personalities critically refer to their tribes, sects and faiths, instead of concentrating on their performance and their justice to assigned missions. Their personal particulars and their physical dimensions must not have any reference to be recorded. Persons fighting selflessly against abuses to mankind hold universal status which must continuously bear integral image. All of them struggled for accomplishments of the parameters of assigned missions in various parts of the world. Doubtlessly they were capable of struggling for missions at intersections of all latitudes / longitudes.

Baghat Singh, at the prime of his youth, raised his voice against foreign occupation and sacrificed his life for the cause. His mission was to speak and act against the foreign domination and he could struggle for a similar cause anywhere in the world, with differing personal particulars. Credit goes to his just cause, and not to his faith and tribe. Nelson Mandela could have struggled for a similar cause anywhere on the globe and nobody was ever concerned about his complexion and faith. Great heroes did great jobs and that is the best to be known about them. Hurrs of Sindh chose to enter the human crushing machine devised by the occupying rulers, on their own will. They said “Don’t push us into it with your dirty hands. We will enter it on our own”. As narrated by a resident of Hyderabad in March 1987, Ibraheem Sheedi singularly fought against a whole well equipped unit of White British Army, south of Hyderabad. He fought for his mission and his soul must have cared a fig for the salutes of honour that the British Commander managed at his dead body. Viet Congs gave away their lives for the cause of self-determinations against forced controversial democracy. All of them had no interest in saving or gaining anything for themselves or for their families. All of them proved the truth of their cause. They accomplished the part of mission for which they had been given birth. Individuals, who helped the Japanese, during the destructive Tsunami in remote and radiation affected areas, possessed an inbuilt sense of responsibility for helping suffering human beings. During the course of their helping activities, they did not have any intention to show or declare that they were Pakistanis. The appreciations and regards that developed for Pakistanis are simply a by-product of their help for fellow human beings. Documentary devised by Japanese people simply shows their greatness confirming that they value the help of others.

Mentalities saturated with elements of slavery are incurable and incorrigible. Some of the individuals born amongst peoples with prolonged history of domination, are exceptionally affected. Curse of slavery overpower them completely for life, and they are buds of slave offspring generation after generation. They always concentrate on imitating the better clad peoples in all spheres of life. What is available for promotion and formation can never strike their minds. Quaintly enough how is it possible to introduce them to the values and status of independence and freedom as it all stands to be primitive Greek to them? No system of rearing, education and training can cure them except for impartial study of any of the divine faiths which guide that authorization for choice of actions to mankind, is ultimately accountable.


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