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Political Competence


Kala Bagh Dam site. No construction work has been started ever since.

Not more than 1% Ph.Ds in politics and social sciences know the art of dealing with angry citizens. So many Gold Medallists of MBBS degree wrongly diagnose patients’ sufferings and sometimes kill them with reactionary chemicals and injections. It is worst bad luck with low literacy states that individuals not suiting package of responsibilities, accept them with open arms without hesitation and without weighing the gravity of circumstances.

Some of the rulers’ statements devoid of consequences are deliberate effort only for pleasing citizens and institutions to publicize governance efficiency for maintaining vote bank balance. Such statements invite miserable reactions, but only at the cost of innocent citizens because rulers are safer, secure and unaffected by the consequential reactions. They don’t mind the children becoming orphans and women becoming widows.

When conclusive settlements are miles away, vocal moves to prove suppression and partial failure of rivals, work as challenge for the rivals who manage to falsify such statements by operations never forming part of their intended resistance. During 1990s a federal minister, with a vivid stiff neck, declared that there was no separatist movement in any part of Pakistan. This statement mercilessly triggered resentment among Baluch youth who had been deprived of most of the developments abundantly available for people of other parts of the state. Baluchistan Liberation Army was thus founded. Traveling and walking through vast expanse of the lands of Baluchistan, anybody can assess the difference. People of Baluchistan, young and old, are far more honest and sincere in comparison to any other part of Pakistan excluding Kashmir. They are simple, straight and free by birth. For sixty years period they never complained of their difficulties. But every ruler of the state took their patience as weakness and as submission. The statement of the federal minister provided them with incentive to show that there is a limit beyond which patience expires. And the limit in this case was making use of their patience and self respect. Even the children knew that their natural resources are processed outside the province.

During the same period of 1990s the Prime Minister of Pakistan announced that construction of Kala Bagh Dam will definitely be done. This created a reaction of protests in NWFP and Sindh. Result is that Kala Bang Dam with its formalities of design, stays unconstructed.


Islamabad Bomb Blast F-8 killing 12, including a Judge

Then came the second Federal Minister of 2014 who claimed that the rulers had cleared Islamabad of the (so called) terrorists. This was an open challenge for the rival group ­­–– ‘now show us your courage’ –– with whom affairs had not yet been settled. In answer to ruler’s statement, they have carried out an operation in sector F-8 and conveyed their own message –– ‘Now carry out air raids throughout the country where we hide, away from Waziristans’.

Anti rulers groups are highly disciplined and organized in their exclusive manner. They are not at all simple and uninformed. Instigating them with non strategic threats will simply worsen the whole atmosphere. They must not be taken easy. They function at close margin of death without any support or security. There is only one weapon to bring them around, and that is art of negotiations. Whoever says that they are 100% wrong is not sincere to the nation.


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