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Maintaining Defunct Luxurious Living

Luxury Home Custom of strategy of dominating and impressing human beings by lust of luxurious standards, surpassingly costly dresses, outstanding physical postures and poetic meaningless expressions, ended with the arrival of Holly Jesus Christ (PBUH), who instructed for honestly, simplicity and truthfulness. The instructions formed basic part of teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Incompetent individuals insisting upon the defunct strategy, continue to end in disaster to which history is witness. Fellows and groups persisting to maintain the absolute luxurious ways of life will doubtlessly meet similar catastrophic end. Parasitic ways of living that hurt the rest of human beings can never end in peace.

There is Hades of difference between intended impressing and somebody’s getting impressed. Somebody’s gets impressed by John (says) is Almighty’s blessing for John’s character and means. Putting everything on alter simply to impress, is curse and luxury. All arrangements of various forms and volumes of intended impressing is luxury, and intended impressing is not at all possible through hard earned honest resources.

Luxury Private JetWorld community has yet to get introduced to luxury infected gentleman maintaining luxury on the basis of fair and honest financial resources. Illegitimate and usurped resources of income only provide for hour to hour changing tactics of luxury, at the cost of suffering for rest of the citizens. Some sources of income apparently looking fair are factually unfair and deceptive like the other illegal means.

Luxurious living is mere display of false superiority over contemporary luxury affected personnel. It is also aimed at depressing the common people more and more through merciless wastage of natural resources so badly needed by deprived children, women and men. Why should anybody so deeply concentrate on heinous art of impressing others through display of limelight? The only answer that strikes a sane mind is complex psychological disorders which must have badly disrupted powers of self respect and respect for others. Luxury Private ShipIt is extremely strange that vast majority of luxury loving personnel are citizens of internationally declared corrupt states of the world, where they hold double nationality. Atmosphere in corrupt states is highly conducive for comfortable survival of such unique crooked patients. In these states they acquire free choice of illegitimate means in abundant variety. Grip of law and order is weakest and atmosphere of getting courageous to criticize and bypass the rightful functioning of the judiciary. As luxury stands to be the life line of the patients, they form groups to counter and bypass the instructions and verdicts of the courts of justice. Hundred percent of the luxury oriented patients join political parties of the states, reserving every raised – hands – support for their parties with utter disregard to the welfare of the states, the institutions and the citizens. For them state and citizens are mere domains and commodities for their usurping and looting. These patients are the nucleus cause of enlisting the states into serials of corrupt states.

In most of the declared corrupt states of the world, sources of procurement of illegal riches are so profuse that the patients yearn for and pray for more life spans to live. A few of the main illegitimate sources of riches are listed below:-

1- Ninety-nine percent embezzlement of funds, allocated for development works of the constituencies.

2- Percentage share in collective bribery of various departments.

3- Share for awarding contracts of development projects, plus regular percentage there from till completion of the project.

4- Regular funds received from high profile industrial units on pretext of welfare of political parties.

5- Large scale food adulteration share.

6- Illegal possession and sale of costly locations.

7- Shares in income of open and secret sex markets.

8- Shares from drug mafia and from adulterated life saving medicines.

9- Extortions from public markets.

10- Gratifications for starting new business.

11- Illegal shares in import of items of national needs.

12- Direct deposits in foreign accounts against compromising national interests.

13- Direct deposits in foreign accounts for providing anti state facilities to foreign powers.

14- Direct deposits in foreign accounts for sale of national secrets.

15- Not paying the income tax.

One of the worst outcomes of the curse of luxury is that the affected person never hesitates to surrender his honour and the honour of his family members in return for the desired demands. Verily it stands procedural. For a person using national interest and secrets in exchange for money, everything is commodity for exchange.

So the states and citizens proceed to abyss of torture of crimes, corruptions and misappropriations at every conceivable level. The situation paves way for incompetent greedy dictators not competent enough even to supervise and control their families. Various types of foreign invaders and opportunists then plan to make best use of the situation.

The extreme of the curse of luxury is that people in public and people in government display their ill-gotten riches in countries that are under burden of heavy foreign debts and suffer from extremely poor economy.

Luxurious life style is highly infectious. It starts infecting middle class people who start using illegal tactics for more and more gains for acquiring and maintaining luxury. Hence starts boost of bribery, adultery and production of substandard and false products for every necessity of citizens’ lives, including medicines. So much so that even the medical practitioners start prolonging treatment of patients for grabbing more and more money.

Among the declared corrupt states of the world, there are so many countries procured at exceptionally high cost of honour, life and property of the sacrificing people. In such countries, there must be severest possible constitutional punishment for luxury infected corrupts and misappropriaters.


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