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Limitless Suffering of Human Beings

Rohingya Genocide - Mass murder of Infants Modern mankind on earth collectively claims to support and uphold basic human rights in all circumstances. Leading members of the community of nations frequently repeat their determination in that context. Various bodies of United Nations appears to be always on their toes in collecting data of human rights violations for redressing the miseries of suffering groups of mankind in every corner of the world. Let us examine the true pictures of all these claims and determinations in view of the inhuman treatment suffered by about half a million Rohingya community in Burma, now Myanmar for the last many centuries:-

1- They are refused state’s nationality.

2- They are refused facilities of medical treatment.

3- They are not permitted to get education.

4- They do not posses any property.

5- They are not permitted to move from place to place in the country.

6- They are not permitted to eat such foods that strengthen them physically.

7- They survive on green leaves of jungle growth and whatever is available from sea.

8- They live in hay-huts usually destroyed by rioting mobs of citizens simply because they do not tolerate existence of Rohingya’s in Burma or Myanmar.

9- They do no have the right of complaint or protest.

10- They have been suffering from periodic massacres since Sixteenth century for which riots during years 1930, 1938, 1997, 2001 and 2012 are examples. They do not have any source and power for retaliation. Serious investigations are never undertaken to punish the culprits. Their murder and their abduction goes unnoticed.

11- Penalty for accommodating a guest is death.

12- In efforts of migration they are generally shot dead.

13- During latest massacre of May-June 2012, some groups of Rohingya attempted to migrate to Bangladesh. At borders of Bangladesh they were repulsed by firing. In effort to return back, they were all killed indiscriminately. The government news announced only 30 Rohingya’s killed.

14- Any foreign aid for them is received by the government and distributed among the nationals.

15- International media is not permitted for factual coverage.

Rohingya Community Genocide - Burned Bodies

For more and more details of atrocities, anybody can meet the members of Rohingya’s community at the following locations:-

1- Burmese colonies in Karachi, Pakistan.

2- On border of Bangladesh.

3- Immigration camps in Thailand.

4- Rohingya’s accommodated by people and government of Malaysia.

5- Scattered in other countries about which the immigrants of above four locations can inform.

Each of the above mentioned human miseries is alarming enough to shock any human being possessing even minimum humanitarian sentiments.

If zero response of modern human community, gives birth to a terrific terrorist movement, not so far known to history of terrorism, who will dare say it to be unjustified.

Above mentioned appalling conditions pertain particularly to Rohingya community, but the state of all other non Buddhist communities from Mughal India, China and British India, is no less anti human.

Religion by birth of every human being is humanity. All other religions are subsequent. Religion by birth i.e. Humanity is among the foremost teachings of every subsequent region. Open and declared violations of religion by birth in any country stands to be the sufficient justification for all nations of the world to sever all types of relations with that country for a fixed time period for reforms and remedial measures. If the international warning is ignored, use of force by UNO becomes utmost necessary, because ignoring the international warning stands to be the extreme disrespect for the community of nations.

There are numerous instances in the past and at the present, of use of large scale force for achieving access to oil and mineral deposits. Use of force for safeguarding everybody’s religion by birth certainly carries meaning. Demand for help from the frontline powers is not at all in the name of any particular religion. It is in the name of humanity.

Rohingya Refugees of Myanmar during 2012 massacre

If UNO and leading members of world community fail to bring the Myanmar government around or if they hesitate to afford help in such pitiable miseries of human beings, here are two indispensible suggestions:-

1- UNO may ask for volunteer states willing to accommodate Rohingyas as their citizens. Rohingya community may then be distributed among these volunteer states.

2- If this effort also fails, the suffering Rohingyas must be distributed among Bangladesh, India and Pakistan.


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