Thursday, August 18, 2022

Sincerity for Motherland and Putting National Interest First

Anand Sharma An Annual World Economic Forum seminar hosted, on January 28th, at Davos resort, in Graubünden, Switzerland. Many countries’ state’s representatives, businessmen and scholars attended the seminar, where they discussed about prevailing global economical crisis situations and challenges to the economies of states and business community.

Indian Trade Minister Mr. Anand Sharma, as state’s representative also attended the seminar. His speech aroused the whole participants in which he very diplomatically and very wise defended his country against rumors of economical set back in India.

Upon a question, that India is no more a heaven for investments, he said “Why are you picking on India; what is going wrong with us? I would like people to educate me; those who have these alarm bells ringing should look inward about governance in their societies, their regulatory mechanism. I’m not going to point out regions, but the fact is that there is no recovery in the developed world. It’s a jobless recovery, so I fail to understand why in Davos those who came here should have concern for India. They should have concern domestically too. India can take care of itself. I can assure you”, he insisted. “It’s a long list by the way, so why pick on India when at least here are systems to fix them”. He demanded.

Mr. Sharma very tactfully proved his point by giving the samples of scandals of west including collapse of Enron and Tabloid, as all the disasters and economical set backs of last decade were started from the west side and affected other countries, and ridiculously, it is only the poor countries who paid the most of the penalties of their mistakes.

India is at second place in annual GDP growth rate after China. It is clear from Mr. Sharma’s words that there is a strong country behind him and what he is saying is correct. This confidence has come by time and through hard work and with sincerity toward the nation.

As a concerned citizen of Pakistan, we also wish that our leadership must defend our country at international forums as we have been defamed a lot with false terrorism label, but our country is far behind from such glorifying status. Our political leadership is extremely weak, they can’t stand in front of questions asked by journalists. They have no reliable and sound answer as they are corrupt and dirty from inside. Our leadership is not sincere to this country.

Our GDP growth rate has been decreased in last five years instead of increasing. Infact, we have lowest growth rate among whole South Asian countries. – We have only made significant improvements in inflation rate, which is killing the large and small business community. Our neighbor country is making plans to generate 100,000 Mega Watts of electricity in next 5 years and they are feeling very declined by not achieving this target as expected, even when they have successful managed to reach close to the target, successfully generated 75,000 Mega Watts till now, through different projects. On the other hand, Pakistan government has only managed to generate 3500 Mega Watts in whole past 5 years; point to be noted this is the most costly form of electricity as it is being generated from Oil, raising the prices from 1.15 Rupee per Unit to 5 Rupee per unit (lowest consumption cost, i.e. 50 Unit per month). And over all the mismanagement, they are proudly advertising on all TV channels that they have made a huge favor to the nation by generating 3500 mega watts. This does not make any sense. – Natural gas prices have been raised more than triple. National Railway, Aviation, Forestry, Water Management, every department is telling its own pathetic story.

It is correct that India is not behind us in the matter of corruption; their politicians are also corrupt, but they know one thing very clearly, that if they have to enjoy the benefits of corruption, they have to keep it in limit, like slowly milking the cow. On the other hand, Pakistani politicians absolutely do not care about the cow. Their only concern is milk, even if the cow dies, they don’t care. Both main stream parties are always in rush to compete each other in better, more efficient and complex loots. They have absolutely no regard for national interest. Infact there is no such thing like National Interest in their dictionary.


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