Friday, September 24, 2021

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Organized Religion and Secular Societies

Will organized religion die out eventually? If so, is that a good thing? In modern times, more and more people are speaking out against organized religion. A popular stance from the opponents is observed. “We are not against individual religion. We are against organized religion. Religion should be everyone’s private matter!” Apparently, there is nothing […]

Evan Meredith Jenkins

Neglected Prime Factor of 14th August

Top leadership of All India Muslim League ignored a nd rejected repeated warnings of Punjab’s British Governor Sir Evan Jenkins (Refer to word famous book ‘Punjab Ka Batwara’ in English translated into Urdu by Dr. Ishtiaq Ahmed basically belonging to Arain family of Mazang Lahore) about the forth coming massacre 1947. This resulted in barbaric […]

Unusual Collective Retreat

Unusual Collective Retreat

NATO members collated with Americans to invade Afghanistan, on the assumption that every one of them might have to face similar terrorism. Factually there was nothing in the offing even in the remote future. On the contrary they might have endangered themselves for the terrorism after being a part of the invading forces. Spain wisely […]

Limitless Suffering of Human Beings

Limitless Suffering of Human Beings

Modern mankind on earth collectively claims to support and uphold basic human rights in all circumstances. Leading members of the community of nations frequently repeat their determination in that context. Various bodies of United Nations appears to be always on their toes in collecting data of human rights violations for redressing the miseries of suffering […]