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Hail East Punjab of India

Opening ceremony of Kabaddi World Cup, December 06, 2014 evening, has been an illustrious event related to Punjabi culture represented in its core instinct. In all segments of program Punjabi was dominant. It was respectably devoid of pollution of imported manners and languages. This clearly depicts the Punjabi’s dignity as source of communication and way of lifestyle. In comparison to aggregate impact of the spirit of program, West Punjab is mostly seductive to the status of Punjabi language as well as Punjabi ways of living in cities and towns where this language is polluted with imported words and where the way of living is very much infected by inferiority complexes in relation to communications and expressions in Punjabi. In West Punjab people owning regards for their language, are shocked to listen polluted conversation mixed with other languages. In cities and towns of West Punjab of Pakistan, more and more patches of imported notions are eroding the every stance of Punjabi language although it yields little of anything except for dodging simulation, negatively affecting the behaviours in dealing with the people. Clear signs speak of adversely affected trends steadily pulling the people towards irrational behaviour in human relationship. If ever you see a learned person of Urban area who has got to talk to a villager in Punjabi, you will generally judge clear signs of extreme shyness in which his entire person in submerged, as if he is getting sinful and even then to console his complexes, he will be mixing words of some foreign languages into his entire conversation disregardful of the fact that the villager least understands these. The poor fellow has never been told by anybody that Punjabi is the only language in the world that commands the largest population of the widest area without least effort of propagating it through grammar, educational courses and literature.

Opening Ceremony of 5th Kabaddi World Cup 2014

Opening Ceremony of 5th Kabaddi World Cup 2014

The presentation of the opening of Kabaddi World Cup was wonderful in all respects. Fourteen teams from all over the world are participating. Each team representative was led by a Punjabi girl, in complete Punjabi dress and ‘Dopatta’ (head cover), for introduction to the viewing guests. The international teams include ladies teams as well and their ladies representatives were also led by Punjabi girls. The occasion has encouraged the Punjabis all over the world to love their culture and lifestyle, where ever they live. In the event, Punjabi songs created an artistic atmosphere very much different and dignified in comparison to events of films’ premiers extremely polluted with engineered lust and show.

Kabaddi was unknown to the greater part of the world. Those who knew about it as sport had almost forgotten about it. Entire credit goes to East Punjab of India in relation to bringing it to the status of international sport. West Punjab contributes zero to this great success. Kabaddi now becoming one of the international sports, has also earned honour for India as whole. The world is now more convinced about the fact that every aspect of civil life has equal chances to flourish for progress and prosperity in India in spite of all the communal, socio political and crimes related difficulties faced by governments. Kabaddi being a sport has donated considerable incentive for the citizens of the rural and urban areas for maintaining good health and physique.

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