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Courtesy of Diplomatic Directive

Prime-Ministers Remarks of Honourable Tayyab Erdogan –– We are watching Pakistan’s progress in view of the international situation (Daily Nawa-e-Waqt of September 20, 2012) –– reflect conservatively courteous opinion about the performance of governments in Pakistan especially during last 15 years. Use of term ‘progress’ is especially note worthy. It must be bearing meaning of very sincere advice to governments of Pakistan, who have yet to select country’s direction for progress and prosperity. Verily the progress will start only after formal fixation of the direction for going ahead. Under the prevailing situation of –– 12 to 22 hours of electricity load shedding – industries being moved to other countries leaving the workers and labourers jobless – boost of crimes, corruption and misappropriation serving severe blows to law and order situation – unsolved problem of terrorism – railways at death bed – canals and roads in deplorable condition – deteriorating standards of education system as whole – zero research for natural resources. Zero scientific and technological research, except for singing, dancing, modeling, fashion for nakedness – adulteration in life saving medicines – horrible increase in poverty – uncontrolled market prices – adulterated victuals depriving the poor of the diet value of their meagre meals at un bearable rates, making them easy prey to various diseases – terrific charges of private clinics for luxurious lifestyles of their doctors and staff – ever increasing foreign debts – day by day squeezing security of civil life etc, etc. ––, if a head of a state uses term of ‘progress’, it does mean something extra ordinary. It also means that the face that the country used to show so proudly to the friendly countries, is no more. A similar situation happened with a delegation to South Korea during 1990s. After loosing half of the country, no lesson has been learnt. It appears that the politicians are not serious for learning valuable lessons as they are continuously struggling only for grabbing the power chair.

Turkey, India, Malaysia and Iran are progressing because decades ago they chose their fixed direction to proceed ahead. Nobody has the courage to interfere in their path so far.

Instead of choosing direction for starting towards progress, entire concentration has been on imitation of other countries without having own line of action. Concentration has been for invention of ever new promises for the illiterate credulous majority of the country, the prime source of access to the power chair.

It will be extremely fortunate if the notion of Turkish Prime Minister’s advice is understood and country’s direction is settled to proceed resolutely without imitating others. In that case only, the country can regain the face and image of 1960s.

Nothing creative is initiated so far. All aspects of political and social life are borrowed. National identity during more than half century has not been established. Apart from politics, thousands of years old culture and conduct are being degraded. Educational institutions are promoting Mama-Papa culture free of wages. In doing so 85% village population is becoming stranger in their own country, because they neither know nor they can absorb the ‘honour’ of Mama-Papa. No efforts for national identity and unification exist, whereas without national identity patriotism can never develop. Patriotism does not only mean ‘Pakistan Zindabad’. Patriotism demands honesty and concern for fellow citizens. Due to absence of national identity and patriotism, citizens are being purchased for activities against the state and the citizens.



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