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Forgetting THE CAUSE and THE COST

By the most liberal and generous analysis of sixty years’ performance by Pakistani governments and politicians, keeping in view the state of deterioration in every aspect of life in the country (except for crimes-boosting TV / Cable sex displays, women models, theaters, fashion shows, singers etc), three facts are fairly concluded:

  1. Purposes, for which Pakistan had been procured at exceptionally high cost, have been practically forgotten.
  2. Horrible massacre that occurred due to breaking of the Indian Territory has been practically forgotten.
  3. Active practical application of contents of the Objective Resolution – the nucleus of Two Nations Theory – have been deliberately violated and ignored even after it became part of the State’s Constitution.

Let us recollect briefly both of these facts which no respectable Pakistani and his generations will ever forget:

A- Aims and purposes of procuring the State of Pakistan:

Pakistan had been procured for Islamic values of Muslims of India.

B- Circumstances under which the state of Pakistan was born:

  1. Massacre of innocent children, women and men, simply because they were Muslims.
  2. Abduction and sexual assault of Muslim females most of whom were later slaughtered.
  3. Total extinction or shattering of peacefully living happy families.
  4. Complete destruction of properties and possessions of life long hard works.
  5. Losing of parents, sisters, brothers and near relatives.
  6. Scenes of cruelty beyond human power to tolerate.
  7. History of parents, sisters, brothers shocked to madness for life.


C- Abiding by the contents of Objective Resolution:
Class distinction has been generated amongst 85% villages’ population and 15% cities’ dwellers. Western impact on daily life in cities has no national tinge. This concludes that concentration on tactics for grabbing the Power Chair has eliminated the prime responsibility of nation building process through education and information & broadcasts / telecast.

Simple Justice demands that the governments, politicians, groups and individuals going against the purposes of creation of Pakistan, by even the smallest degree, must not remain to live free in Pakistan.


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