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Mocking Resemblance

colt-horse On reaching my home town, on a private visit, I was informed that Nazeer had met an accident. Nazeer was one of my close friends. He was youngest of all of the five brothers. As compared to his brothers, he was least privileged due to his short height and flat top of his head. But at the same time, he had terrific courage and enthusiasm. He considered himself to be stronger than Giants. He used to swim in rash waters from long distances. He always liked to ride unbroken colts. For any quarrel between two persons he used to indulge his arms in. it was his habit to become angry due to other peoples loud voices, as he always thought that nobody had the right for that in his presence.

I knocked at his door to inquire about his health and to know the nature of accident. One of his brothers opened the door and I saw Nazeer sitting on a cot with a thick muffler around his neck, covering a part of his head as well. His eyes and nose were speared from the coverage. I approached right side of his position but he did not turn to greet me. He asked me to appear in front of his eyes as he was not able to move his neck due to the accident. Appearing before his eyes I asked him to explain the nature of accident. In reply to my request he spoke thus: “I decided to ride a colt about which I came to know shortly. The owner of the colt agreed to let me make an effort to ride. I managed to draw the court in open fields and tactfully jumped over its back. The moment I rode the colt, it started the gallop straight away. A wide water channel came in the way. The colt forcefully jumped for crossing the water course. He did cross but without me. When he raised his four legs for the jump I was ejected in the air and subsequently came down with my head hitting at the center of the water course. The water course was muddy, so my head drove into it with rest of my body standing erect at 90 degree angle. People around ran for rescue and pulled me out of the channel. Cushion of the mud of the channel saved my life, otherwise I would have bee a dead man. Now my head and neck are badly aching and I am not able to turn and see around. I can see in front of me only”. I consoled him, prayed for his health and left.

Three years period passed to the accident of my friend. Now it was 1967 and I was working on a project for Mapping and Designing for a new settlement, far away from the adjoining city, as well as from my home town. The area covered agriculture lands and scattered farmers could be seen working here and there. One day I felt like walking around and meet the people engaged in farming, in the evening. From quite a distance, I saw a tube well. I decided to chat with the farmers at the tube well. Getting near to the tube well, I could see three farmers sitting on a cot near the tube well. When I reached within 20 yards of the tube well, and the cot of the farmers, I was stunned to a statue to see youngest of the farmers. My movements totally came to stand still. I voicelessly talked to myself, “How Nazeer could be here at such a far away place”. I again and again gazed at the man surprisingly and became more and more astonished. This man was not Nazeer, but he was a hundreds percent true copy of him by face and figure. The farmers invited me and asked me to have a seat but I was continuously gazing the true copy of Nazeer. God be praised. He is all powerful. I took a seat among them and started talking to them about their farming. Name of true copy of Nazeer was Rafeeq. They offered me sugarcane. After a while I left for my residence which was about the kilometer away.

thoroughbred I got busy with my project and for many days I did not pay a visit to the farmers. One day, after duty hours, I decided to meet the farmers again for a chat. I reached the tube well and the stunning force again overpowered me and I was stationary for quite some moments. I saw Rafeeq, the true copy of Nazeer, sitting alone on the cot near the tube well with a thick muffler around his neck and over his head. I gathered my courage and approached him. I uttered, “What happened to you”. He explained thus, “I heard about a beautiful thoroughbred purchased by one of my neighbours days before. I requested him to let me ride the horse for some distance. He was kind to agree. Bringing the horse over to open fields I jumped over to the saddle. It started running furiously inspite of my efforts to slow down. There came a water course in the way. The horse jumped over it at full speed leaving me hanging in the air. I came down with my head into the channel. My legs were in the air, but I struggle with my arms to stand erect. Now my neck and head are in severe pain and I cannot move to see around.



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