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Leon Panetta Believes Pakistan knew About Bin Laden

panetta US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta still believes that Pakistani authorities were well aware that Osama bin Laden was hiding in Abbottabad, Pakistan, before US forces initiated the operation against him.

He made this statement in a TV interview on last Sunday that Intelligence reports proved that Pakistani military helicopters had passed over the compound in Abbottabad, where US Navy SEALs discovered and killed bin Laden last year.

According to excerpts of an interview, Panetta gave to CBS News. “I personally have always felt that somebody must have had some sense of what was happening at this compound. Don’t forget, this compound had 18-foot walls… It was the largest compound in the area. So you would have thought that somebody would have asked the question, what the hell is going on there?”

Panetta also told CBS that the Pentagon chief said that, these concerns played a significant factor in Washington not warning Pakistan officials of the impending raid: “It concerned us that, if we, in fact, brought (Pakistan) into it, they might give bin Laden heads up”. Mr. Panetta acknowledged he did not have “hard evidence”, that Pakistan knew about the Al Qaeda leader’s whereabouts.

This is ridiculous and insane. Whenever somebody at Pentagon or US Defence department wants to show some points or want to get attention in front of colleagues and media channels, they come on international TV and start talking about Pakistan, as a terrorist nation and what Pakistan is doing to promote terrorism / extremism. Mr. Leon Panetta is doing the same thing these days. Perhaps, he is tired of his boring life and cold weather, and wants to make himself warm under camera lights. That’s why he is digging out the dead from grave.

It has been many months now, the issue has been resolved and the convicted has been executed (that’s what they say), and now abruptly he got an idea to raise this issue again. He himself does not have any proof of what he is saying (he has admitted). Mr. Panetta knows that he can make such comments and he need not worry about a reply, as the present government of Pakistan is in self created deep mess.

This is also to create more pressure on Pakistan to open up the NATO supply routes. – All the credit goes to civil society and armed forces who have still managed to block the NATO supply line, after the deliberate terrorist attack by NATO forces on Pakistan check post (26 men lost), otherwise this ever corrupt government would had not waited for a blink of eye to provide the privileges to the US and NATO forces. – Well, we all know that Pakistan might have to open up the routes, but Pakistan has got to register its protest against such ‘civilized’ terrorist attacks.

Regarding the allegation of supporting Bin Laden and keeping him hidden in Abbottabad; everybody knows that this whole operation was a complete hoax. Even the western media is not buying that.

According to western media, the Bin Laden died in 2002 due to lung cancer (something like that), and US and NATO forces somehow managed to acquire his body in some cave or wherever he was hiding. They kept it frozen, because it was not the right time to tell the world about this; after all they had long term plans about Afghanistan. So, after the middle of year 2011, when they were under great pressure for not achieving success in Iraq + Afghan war, they considered it the right time to play this trump card. US was also in need to support Obama and uphold his declining popularity graph, so they did hit two targets with one arrow, and they pretty much got succeeded, as the naive people of western world accepted the hoax as truth immediately. – Well done Uncle Sam, this is the benefit of training your nationals with a simple yet complex phrase, “Everything is fine, go inside and watch TV”. People watched TV and they believed. – However, there are still some sensible masses in western world who raised accusations against this nonsense and still are educating other people. Their efforts are admirable.

There is another rumor about Bin Laden in western media, that Bin Laden was actually an agent of CIA and was appointed by CIA in collaboration with other western intelligence agencies to frame this whole chaos drama and achieve 50 to 100 years’ upfront goals of settling down in Asia, under the nose of China and on the shoulders of Arab world. – Well, most welcome to give us this thought, of course this can be possible. History reflects, this is what they do with their highly trained and confidentially appointed, top rank agents; use them and kill them, then destroy their bodies, so the rest of the world will never be able to know the truth. Nice!

Whatever the truth is it will be revealed one day. For God sake spare the world and especially Pakistan with this Bin Laden fouls now, and bring something new, which we are sure you are working on day and night.


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