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Johnny Depp is still Favorite Actor

Johnny Depp Johnny Depp is still number one in America’s heart. According to a recent poll done by Harris Interactive, the actor’s been voted America’s Favorite Actor for the second year in a row. The poll surveyed 2,237 adults online for a week in early December with Mr. Depp leading the pack.

Come on people, what else you expect, he is Jonny Depp after all. Infact, the result would have been the same, even if the polling was conducted of international level.

There were other actors competing in the poll including Denzel Washington and Clint Eastwood, both tying for second. Tom Hanks, George Clooney, and Harrison Ford also earned notable placements. The list was also open to female stars, but only Sandra Bullock made it into the top ten, which is a little not encouraging for female artists, inspite all the dynamic female talent in the industry. But it is not that much strange, because female artists in Holly Wood are always less popular than male stars. They may rank high on the chart under compliance of the scale of glamour and style, but it is the male artists only, who maintain their top positions for longer times. Mr. Depp is one of such great artists who have maintained his top position.

Soon we’ll be able to see Mr. Depp’s fabulous performance in his upcoming movies of 2012, 21 Jump Street and Dark Shadows. From a few years Mr. Depp is giving an average of 3 movies every year, which is good, as quality is always better than quantity. Last year he produced three movies for big screen and a television sitcom series Life’s Too Short, which was good indeed. Carry on man!


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