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Consonance with Corruption

Gilani out court Coming out of the court of justice in a manner more joyous than conquering the apex of some mountain far higher than the Mount Everest and waiving to the multitude like great winner, is a style affording considerable entertainment mixed with quaint curiosity for the gentleman of judiciary and ruling lot of the states of the world. December 19, 2012 displays of TV channels add another scenic beauty to the political history of Pakistan. These TV displays will certainly record a curious message for the patriotic promising lot of generations to come. With the state of citizens problems’ of acute shortage of natural gas, electricity and destructive setbacks to railways and the national airline combined with grave situation of law and order, un-tackled extremism, out of control market prices, rampant corruption, day by day boosting crimes and increasing foreign debts; these TV displays are far more than chins down.

There are limitless serials for listing species of corruption & misappropriation, starting from dishonesty down to acceptance to undue regards and flattery. A confirmed dishonest professional of any discipline whatsoever, especially including active members of politics simultaneously affecting the nationals as a whole, remains cursed with un-satiated greed for whole of his life span. No spiritual discipline or ethics can bring him around for honesty which he always ridiculous both loudly and voicelessly. Only remedy for him stands in confiscation of his entire declared and undeclared assets for transfer over to the pool of public funds, before sending him behind the bars, after adequate number of lashes as and if ordered by the court of law. A confirmed dishonest businessman involved in adulteration and over advertisements for sake of his fake and substandard commodity, maybe treated likewise as decided by court of justice. A dishonest laborer or contract employee may simply be relieved off his employment with due payments. Dishonest professionals and businessmen are not even least sincere to any country of the world and thus they may always be treated in line with traitors.

Coming down to last specie of corruption and misappropriation involving persons sumptuously fond of undue regards and appreciations, they may simply be ignored and neglected as future itself will take care of them. Account of appalling fate of departed and living flattery lovers exists in pages of history and local gossip.

During week ending December 14, 2012, the statement of a highly placed railway officer was: “If there is corruption is railway, there is corruption in every department”. This extra ordinary courageous statement is sufficient justification for instant strict action against the officer. Tomorrow this officer has reserved the right of saying ‘If there is corruption in Pakistan Railway, there is also corruption in Indian railway’. Instead of looking to the immediate possible remedies he is disclosing that Pakistan Railway has taken incentive from the corruption of all other departments of the country. Alongside he has encouraged all institutions of the country, not so far amongst corrupt departments, to avail of the opportunity and get corrupt before some stick-man comes to set things right. It is necessary that some authority takes action against this officer. According to my personal experience with extensive railway journeys, Pakistan Railway started corruption first of all at the very commencement of independence. In view of the dark experience of railway trains’ journeys, anybody can think of the large scale corruption in all other sections of Pakistan Railway less connected with railway track and the passengers. This predicts that instead of looking at the remedies for eradication or minimizing corruptions, all departments will start quoting corruptions of the other departments, in order to continue the abuse.

Jinnah in last days Propagation of corruption proceeds according to geometrical progression of mathematics, which is the most devastating rate of acceleration that devours everything. Now somebody might come forward to quote the example of many other countries for supporting corruption. He and his listeners will totally ignore that in view of procurement of this new state, nobody except mads, can bring in the examples of contemporary evils in other states of the world. This state had been born under extra ordinary circumstances. According to aspirations for creation of this state good only has to be referred to or imported in and not the evil. As narrated by late G. H. Khan, Ex-Surveyor General of Pakistan: Mohammad Ali Jinnah (PBUH) was on death bed at Ziarat Residency. A few days before death, this founder of Pakistan ordered putting all papers and cheque books of his property, wealth and bank balance on the table. This done he addresses the then present highest level of persons of the government and the Muslim League: “Out of these assets of mine, everybody of you may pickup according to his financial requirements and then take an oath before me that nobody will ever misappropriate public funds for personal interests”. Almost everyone amongst the gathering wept bitterly and promised that without accepting this financial offer, they will never misuse the public funds of the state.

This extra ordinary incident of anti corruption oath taking reflects on the whole personality of the founder of Pakistan. As an exceptionally intelligent person, he was exceptionally sensitive also. He knew that in the course of his efforts for finding a separating homeland for the Muslims of sub-continent, people sacrificed selflessly:-

Massacre 1- Ninety thousand Muslim women were abducted and most them were raped and killed.

2- Thousands of infants and weaponless young and old men were slaughtered.

3- All types of property managed through life long labor and hardships were destroyed or looted.

4- Countless families had been completely smashed.

5- Parents, children, brother, sisters were separated from each other.

6- Numerous men and women could not tolerate the shock of bloodshed and destruction and suffered from mental disorder and ultimately died mad.

7- As one of many incidents, three young daughters of Abdus Sattar of Jammu abstinently offered there throats to be cut to avoid abduction.

Persons viciously applying the heinous tactics of their genius against the sacred public funds of a country born in gloom of such unique terror of massacre & destruction substantial to numb the evil inside even the most barbarous groups of cruels on earth, disclose unintentionally the secrets of the history sheet related to their birth, their childhood conditions, their rearing, their education and their very existence as impious burden on earth, ever polluting the respectable human society by venom of their devastating greed. Justice demands worst possible punishment for them due to their disregard for the exceptional sacrifices and their disregard for the sacred public properties. Who has reason to prove that they are even a bit different from the killers and looters of 1947 massacre?

The extreme dark side of the catastrophe of Pakistan is that on the basis of sound reasons, key positions holders of the very ruling lot of the country have serious allegations of multi-directional misappropriations against themselves. What is the justification for greeting anybody like a hero only at a few yards distance outside the court room as if the person had earned a highly reverend status for Pakistan? As a token of administrative disorders public servants have started possessing the courage to quote other departments as incentive for continued corruption in their own department.

If even state of affairs related to corruption persists, the departments that today have almost no corruption record are sure to take encouragement from Pakistan Railway officer’s statement and then nothing will remain in control. Everything will be in chaos for judiciously justifying the arrival of the stick-man. And mind you, this time the stick-man is expected to be of exceptional politeness, though for gentlemen only.


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