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Three lessons from Three Distinguished Personalities

Al-Beruni Versatile scientist, impartial historian, theologian and writer oiff146 book, Abu Rayhan Al-Beruni (Born 973 A.D, Quarzam now part of Uzbekistan, died 1048 in Ghazni, Afghanistan) was the most prominent figure of eleventh century. He dedicated whole of his life in experiments, research and inventions, rectifying or totally rejecting the theories of previous and contemporary scholars of various regions.

For first 25 years of his life, he acquired education in various subjects at his birth place. In an era of Kings, omnipotent rulers and frequent battles badly disturbing the civil life, this resolute born scientist upheld his courage and enthusiasm for research, observations and writing of books on various subject pertaining to science, medicine and history. After fall of his homeland’s favorite ruling dynasty in 995, he migrated to Bukhara and continued his scientific and historical works. Sphere of his research and literary works include Mathematics, Astronomy, Geography, Astrology, Astronomical Instruments, Comets, Chronology, Religion, etc. He was the founder of the subject of Geodesy in which his sustaining contributions continue to pay him respectful homage. In 1017 A.D Al-Beruni moved to Ghazni in favour of Mehmood Ghaznavi.

So this scientist kept pushing forward to contribute in Mathematics, Astronomy, Geodesy, History and other subjects till his last moments.

At death bed he called one of his students and spoke to him thus: “Only moments are left for me to die, but you please do repeat the Geometrical problem for which you had been asking my guidance days before. Maybe I am able to guide you in its solution”.

Lesson: All moments of life must be fully utilized constructively.

Saddam Husain A lot has been said against and in favour of Saddam Husain of Iraq. The extreme that goes against him is his getting deceived by lucent promises of some foreign powers persuading him to attack Iran that had been suffering from highly critical internal circumstances. No other worst enemy would have agreed for taking that step at any cost. Saddam Husain’s adventure devoured his life long education, training and experience as a statesman. He failed to asses that his attack was also going to be attack against Iraq and against his own life. In view of the situation inside Iran, the attack resembled shooting an injured person with broken bones or shooting at a patient struggling for life in an oxygen tent. Iran paid heavily for managing release from the clutch of foreign powers. Once a state joins the buffer states club, it will have to prepare its children, women and men for grand massacre in order to end the club’s membership.

Oft repeated principles of non interference in matters of other countries, have never been accepted in letter and spirit, because chances of countless strategic violations are always there. After all, you know, boundless species of arm & ammunitions have got to be used with or without comprehensible justifications.

Religion of humanity can never be compromised or changed except for adoption of animal and cannibal characteristics. All other religions are subsequent at free choice of every human being. Subsequent faiths keep changing with development of individuals’ maturity and knowledge. Humanity, the religion by birth, never changes except for mankind’s psychological and mental disorders.

Impartiality is must for justice which is the integral part of every religion. Believing in justice is humanity. Anybody believing in justice has the right to reserve his opinion about the character and conduct of those forcing Saddam Hussian to attack injured Iran, simply and simply for deserting the buffer states club.

The best that can be said about Saddam Husain of Iraq is that he maintained an exceptionally beautiful physique through highly disciplined regular physical exercises inspite of busiest hours during his ruling tenure and his extremely agonized captivity period. A foreign journalist, who viewed Saddam Husain changing his cloths in his captivity cell, told the people that he had never seen anybody in such stunning physical fitness at that age.

Lesson: A guard watching Saddam Husain taking his regular exercise two hours before getting hanged, asked him, “Why exercise when you will be no more after two hours?” Saddam Husain replied in cool confidence, “I want to meet my God in proper shape”. Exercise is must at all stages and all circumstances of life.

jack-lalanne-at-71 In matters of health, physical exercise and nutrition, Jack Lalanne (John Lalanne 1914 to 2011) will continue to be a model for all generations to come. For whole of his life, he remained very greedy about the health and fitness of Americans particularly and all human beings in general. He wrote numerous books on health & fitness and invented many machines and devices for physical exercises. He appeared on television programs for health & fitness. He celebrated his 95th birthday by releasing a new book, entitled ‘Live young forever’. He gave stunning demonstrations of feats of physical strength, including an extraordinary demonstration at the age of 70 years. He earned many awards and titles of honour.

He rejects overtly processed foods that stand to be the cause for many health problems. He is the first fitness advisor to advise for organic and vegetarian diet to achieve a powerful healthy body.

Lesson: He stated two simple rules of nutrition, “If man made it, don’t eat it, and if it tastes good, spit it out”.


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