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Evan Meredith Jenkins

Neglected Prime Factor of 14th August

Top leadership of All India Muslim League ignored a nd rejected repeated warnings of Punjab’s British Governor Sir Evan Jenkins (Refer to word famous book ‘Punjab Ka Batwara’ in English translated into Urdu by Dr. Ishtiaq Ahmed basically belonging to Arain family of Mazang Lahore) about the forth coming massacre 1947. This resulted in barbaric […]

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Distracted Journalism in Pakistan

Distracted Journalism in Pakistan

There is an article about the accession of provinces and tribal areas over to territories of Pakistan, in Sunday Magazine of Nawa e Waqt, Dated May 03, 2015. The newspaper is quite old and well known but there is not a gesture of reference to the context for publishing such particular article at a time […]

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Separation from India to Follow Indians

Separation from India to Follow Indians

Compact unit of Indian Territory was divided to create a new state i.e. Pakistan. Thirty years of struggle involved the fundamental motto ‘Muslims are a separate nation’. To procure the state was not an easy process for the Muslims residing in India were left helpless. They suffered destruction of honours, lives and properties in devastating […]

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Forgetting THE CAUSE and THE COST

Forgetting THE CAUSE and THE COST

By the most liberal and generous analysis of sixty years’ performance by Pakistani governments and politicians, keeping in view the state of deterioration in every aspect of life in the country (except for crimes-boosting TV / Cable sex displays, women models, theaters, fashion shows, singers etc), three facts are fairly concluded: Purposes, for which Pakistan […]

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