Monday, January 17, 2022

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Organized Religion and Secular Societies

Will organized religion die out eventually? If so, is that a good thing? In modern times, more and more people are speaking out against organized religion. A popular stance from the opponents is observed. “We are not against individual religion. We are against organized religion. Religion should be everyone’s private matter!” Apparently, there is nothing […]


Tolerance in Every Religion

Religion is a sensitive subject for everyone, no matter what context it comes up in and where it’s being discussed. There have been many instances where it’s been easy to be tolerant of others and the ideas. However, we are not ready to listen and pay any attention. What happens to educated, intellectual human beings […]

Religion by Inheritance

Religion by Inheritance

Incidence of attack on Philadelphia Pentecostal Church, in Essa Nagri Karachi, on October 19, 2012, has necessitated the contents below. Attention of Muslim brothers is drawn to verse number 40, Surah Al-Hajj, wherein God Almighty says that if he stops replacing one group of people by another group of people, the places of worship of […]

Planned Hatred for a Religion

Planned Hatred for a Religion

If followers of every religion start planning hatred against other religions and religious leaders, the international communities will be in chaos. Whereas, every human being owns religion of humanity by birth, he has God given right to choose any of the subsequent religions. Verily, God given rights shut everybody’s mouth for all criticism for everybody. […]