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Publicity Stunts Julianne Hough vs Russell Brand

Julianne Hough and homeless person Recently, there is a “celebrity news” buzzing around on bunch of blogs and celebrity news website, in which a famous Hollywood actress & singer has been portrayed while giving come money to a poor man.

Julianne Alexandra Hough an American professional ballroom dancer, country music singer and actress. She is most widely known for being a two-time champion of ABC‘s Dancing with the Stars.

Last week she was photographed by paparazzi while giving 1 Dollar to a homeless man. And this news was entitled with this headline “Julianne Hough stops to lay some green on an unfortunate man”.

Give us a break. Is it really A News to be discussed so much and in so much exaggerated manner. Come on! What’s the big deal about giving some money to a homeless person? It is just a simple act of a woman, during her daily life, while she was going somewhere according to her routine; but no, the gossip lovers and paparazzi wants it to be a big news, like she has done something extra ordinary, like perhaps have convinced Obama that wars are not good for this country anymore and government should bring back the boys home.

If you look in the picture closely, you will notice that the Julianne Hough was actually posing and preparing herself for this ‘once in a lifetime shot’. This is so ridiculous and she’s probably looking a little bit stupid in these pictures. There is a whole slideshow of this ‘historical even’. Check it here

Russell Brand giving money A similar kind of news was also published for another actor, British actor actually Russell Brand, where he was caught giving ‘a fist full of money’ (as they say) to a homeless person. This news was entitled with this phrase “Giving back: Generous Russell Brand was not slow in pulling cash from his wallet to give to a homeless man in Beverly Hills today”. Check it here

Showbiz people do not let any chance of free advertisement, even when they are giving something to poor. Is it this, that showbiz field makes normal human beings, like ‘so hungry for publicity all the time’? Well, if you really like to help someone, you can manage some job or work for them, so that they can support themselves; giving away a few dollars will not help them much.



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