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Will Smith approached by a Man for a KISS

Last week, Will Smith became the focus to showbiz news, when during his visit in Moscow at “Men in Black 3” premiere; he was almost attached by male reporter in an attempt to kiss him in mouth, in the middle of a hug. Smith didn’t take it kindly and responded by slapping him. It was a light slap though, but the reaction was clear and meaningful.

This male reporter was from a Ukrainian program called “1+1”. The incident was captured on video; however, Smith seems not so upset about the whole thing and tried to act that he is not so upset. Usually he doesn’t get too friendly with strangers at Red Carpet gathering. This time he did and got surprised.

Will Smith at David Letterman ShowAt his attendance at “Late Show With David Letterman” on Tuesday night, he laughed off about this whole incident in a forgettable manner:-

He said, “I didn’t beat up a guy! No, no. I was in Moscow and … we’re doing an interview and Man..! He was a reporter and he says, ‘I’m your biggest fan, can I have a hug, please?’ he recalled to Letterman. So I go to give this joker a hug and he tries to lean into kiss me, you know? And… It was just awkward”.

The good news is that, movie “Men in Black 3” will be live on May 25, just in time for Memorial Day weekend. MTV News recently caught up with Will Smith and he explained why and how this third film of this series is so special:-

He said, “The fun of this film is trying to make it new but not so new that it don’t match, we had to be able to create something that was brand-new, that stands on its own, and it’s been 10 years since the first movie, so there were a lot of things working against it. But it’s the first time it’s in 3-D — my ears are in 3-D for the first time,” he laughed. “I’m very happy with it.


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