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Persons Treating Effects of Magic, Not Needed

Particularly for People of South Asian Sub-Continent

aamil-baba1 Citizens of low literacy states are always under attacks from multiple directions. Professionals claiming to treat the effects of magic and evil spirits earn mines and continue to survive sharing others’ income and resources without any knowledge and power. They are fake and know nothing except to hypnotize innocent illiterate people to remain entrapped in their vicious tactics. Holy books of all believers of various religions contain instructions to remain free of the effects of the magic and evil spirits. The drawback of illiteracy causes the failure of believers to get benefited from blessings of such verses that provide doubtless security against all types of evil super impositions.

Innocent people are ruthlessly looted in all respects. Ladies sometimes lose their honour and chastity at the hands of these persons. In most of the cases individuals are not at all affected by magic or evil spirit. Their prolonged mental or physical sickness makes them feel that they are affected by evil spirits. The magic treating personnel, professors as they are generally called, never refuse to take up treatment of anybody appearing before them. They never honestly guide any visitor to convince him that his case is a physical or mental aliment needing a thorough medical check up and taking of proper medicines. They will always show an extremely grave face with the remarks that the evil spirit over powering the visitor is a very invincible creature requiring a prolonged spiritual treatment. To these figures of tyranny of mankind, spiritualism means something not contained in any dictionary of the world.

A very high percentage of Muslims inclusive of those without any schooling are capable of reciting the Holy Quran (the Muslims’ Holy book). In order to avoid the attacks by evils spirits as well as to repulse all categories of magic of all degrees and standards, daily recitation of Holy Book for ten to fifteen minutes, with translation in local language (if possible), provides perfect safety and security. Special instructions in this context are to recite last three Surahs (chapters) at least once daily. Sikhs’ Holy Book contains the subject matter of these Surahs and according to the statement of an educated (MS.c Mathematics) believer of Sikhism, Sikhs recite that particular portion of their Holy Book daily before going to bed at night.

aamil-baba2It carries little sense that the Creator providing every instruction to secure the believer from all sins and evils has not provided him with instructions of safety from magic and evil spirits.

It becomes necessary to narrate my personal experience in this context. A businessman developed a difference of opinion with me in a deal and got extremely annoyed with me, severing all relationships. After four years’ period he suddenly appeared before me with a timid smile on his face and asked me for an apology for his odd behaviour. Then he told his whole story…. “I spent a heavy amount of money to harm you thorough magic. I left no magician in the country. Each of the renowned magicians closed his magical operations, telling me that most probably the person in question recites the Holy Book daily and, therefore, no magic can affect him”.

Last Surahs form part of the Holy Quran after magic attack on Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). These Surahs provide eternal security against magic for the Muslims believers.


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