Sunday, February 25, 2024

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CPEC and Pakistan – The Real Challenges Ahead

CPEC and Pakistan – The Real Challenges Ahead

Complex Infrastructural dynamics, multi-tiered development agendas signifying the marriage of two countries on the merits of economy, CPEC is no stranger to being referred as the talk of the entire world. With several countries looking up to its development and getting interested to take part, an equal amount of people look down upon it in […]


The 2021 economic realignment of Pakistan with China

The day Pakistan was created and got its independence it was eminent that any land that was not part of the final deal before leaving Indo Pakistan was meaningfully set for dispute among the two new born nations that were long ruled by the great British empire. It was once known as the sun that […]


Post-Pandemic World and The New Lifestyle

This pandemic transformed us as individuals in many ways. Some changes are how we interact with other people, our lives, our likes, dislikes and especially our habits. This pandemic and lockdown situation had changed society in a very short time. It also affected our businesses, jobs and many other things especially education sectors. Whatever the […]

PTCL Landline connected all time

PTCL Complaint Registration need Improvements

Our phone line 052 xxxxxxx is dead since August 07, 2013 (no dial tone). First we ignored and didn’t filed any complaint as Eid holidays were about to come. After Eid holidays passed and even after Rainy week passed, we thought to register the complaint because now we badly need the phone. At 1st try, […]

PTCL Efficiency

PTCL Efficiency

PTCL charges amount of Rs. 199/- in the form of Line Rent to all customers, including domestic and business lines. This amount is supposed to take care of the telephone lines, including maintenance cost and the salaries of the staff i.e. Linemen. In reality there is no such thing like taking care of telephones lines, […]