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Post-Pandemic World and The New Lifestyle

This pandemic transformed us as individuals in many ways. Some changes are how we interact with other people, our lives, our likes, dislikes and especially our habits. This pandemic and lockdown situation had changed society in a very short time. It also affected our businesses, jobs and many other things especially education sectors. Whatever the circumstances are but it is natural that we as a human are little disturbed for the change that comes with the pandemic and how our daily routine is affected and the uncertainty about the future it holds. In these circumstances, I have sensed some changes in myself as well and sensed it people living around me.


Things are changing pretty rapidly people who were doing nothing before and used to watch TV and relax at home, some become fitness fanatics to be active and more focused towards their health and some started learning cooking recipes by watching YouTube channels. I think people are trying to adapt the new reality or new normal for a changed lifestyle transformation toward a new lifestyle. We also have learnt something new while staying at home as we see what is happening in a digital space and all the learning, information is now moving from people centric towards digital interface formats and artificial Intelligence machine learning and we are surrounded by biosensors and the data we create in seconds is processed and the new technology drives the new world order as we are connected together by a cloud socialize, do business, communication and all information and even the education sector has transformed towards online learning and digital interface. But there’s something else I’ve noticed that’s quite intriguing; the people we interact with mostly are our family members, we spend most of our time at home hesitate going outside and therefore we need to understand each other even better and we are trying to spend healthy time. If we don’t connect and meet with the people we used in the past, our attitude will certainly affect our behavior and personality during lockdown. There are many countries trying to control this as life will be the same for many people. People are focused towards health, exercise daily, eating habits are also changing. Healthy food is steadily replacing itself with junk food. We often see families in outdoor parks and our sleeping patterns are changing with an improved healthy diet.

The pandemic will leave a lasting and deep effect on how we live together as a family, we must keep our home clean, must be very careful about the hygiene factor and live together in discipline and caring for each other. The men, women, and children need to create a stronger emotional bond with their families. It’s likely that if we do not take all that is happening in a positive way, we might be more intolerant towards each other. Using hand sanitizer and wearing facemasks will not only save us from Covid-19 but also many diseases like typhoid, cholera etc. The businesses are downsizing their workforce, which resulted in increased unemployment. People have started working from home and some started their own businesses and became not job seekers but job creators for many. Children and students all are taking online classes instead of going to school and colleges. People are not going to shops physically and malls very often most of the shopping is done online. This lockdown situation made us realize the importance of nature, the life we are awarded with, its importance hence we are becoming spiritually stronger that will lead us to becoming a better human being as all religions are about human values and we must take care of people living around us as a family. Many people plan travelling to those places which are close to nature. People have also started growing their own vegetables inside their houses as organic food is no more a choice but preferred food to keep ourselves healthy. The pandemic will help us learn more about gardening as we do have more free time.

In this lockdown situation, the travel sector, airlines, restaurants, hotel and tourism are suffering a lot and trying to work out and offer economical packages to attract the market. People are no more travelling internationally due to travelling restrictions and uncertain situations. People who are food lovers and want to visit hotels and restaurants are eating homemade food now and trying new recipes at home. In this situation our social life and work life is changing. Before the pandemic we didn’t want our kids to use laptops or mobile phones but in this lockdown situation for school online classes we do not have any other choice but to give these gadgets to our kids. This shift is a new phenomenon and may minimize the concept of traditional schooling. The weak students and the parents who cannot cope due to lack of educational background will suffer most. One thing is clear the less we make personal interaction and social engagement, the online classes are not the solution for small kids and their mental health and learning process.  This online schooling is affecting people who cannot afford a computer or do not have an internet connection. There are many schools in our country who are not able to take online classes so their repute and children’s education is affected in so many ways. The education of children as well as college and university students are at its worst especially the third world countries will suffer most. There are many universities around the world who are shifting towards online and hybrid models. In the pandemic if we reopen the universities it may become the new hotspot of Covid-19 virus.

As a result, the public health will be affected at large if we reopen universities and schools without social distancing practices. Furthermore, universities anticipate a significant drop in new enrollments in both foreign and domestic students, the reason being financial crunch of economies as a consequence people will suffer with issues like depression, loneliness, psychological health, lack of income, anxiety and it may cause serious mental health problems. We will also see a rise in drug use, as well leading to insomnia and anxiety.

Our lifestyle and habits are radically changing. But on the other hand, I totally disagree with that. When this pandemic is gone our lives will come to normal routine and things will gradually return to the pre-pandemic scenario except the online buying trends may have a shift making our lives better to take out time for our families. Our country is heavily populated with millions of people living in the low-income bracket. For many people in our country, eating two meals in a day, improving health conditions, is a major challenge. We may be going through a tough time, but people seem to forget about it quickly once the pandemic is over. In the past when people came to know noodles and ketchup are not good for health they did stop for a while but ultimately people started buying them again after just a few months and do so as of today. I assume that once the current crisis is over, people will gradually forget about social distancing, face masks, and hand washing.

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