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PTCL Complaint Registration need Improvements

PTCL Landline connected all time

Connected all the time. Seriously..??

Our phone line 052 xxxxxxx is dead since August 07, 2013 (no dial tone). First we ignored and didn’t filed any complaint as Eid holidays were about to come. After Eid holidays passed and even after Rainy week passed, we thought to register the complaint because now we badly need the phone.

At 1st try, we filled a complaint with our local exchange (Ugoki Exchange, District Sialkot), through phone and requested the lineman to fix the issue. Even after 4 days no body came for our help.

At 2nd try (on August 22, 2013), we filled a complaint at 1218 through automatic complaint registration system, and our complaint number was 50. Suppose to be resolved in 24 hours but there was no response even after 48 hours.

At 3rd try (on August 26, 2013), we called 1218 and choose to talk to PTCL representative, an operator (male) picked up, we asked him about the status of our previously filed complaint, he checked his records and replied that there is no such complaint registered for our phone line before. He suggested that we should file a new one, but we insisted on the first one upon which he said “Probably it has been deleted, you must file a new one”. Having no choice, we agreed and he gave us a new complaint number 03 and assured that the issue will be resolved within 24 hours. Nothing positive happened in next 24 hours. We still waited till August 31.

At 4th try, on August 31, 2013, at around 9:45 AM we called 1218 and chose to talk to operator. The operator (male) picked up, we asked him about previous complaint status, he told us “There is no such complaint registered, it probably has been resolved, have you received a call from 1218”, we told him that our phone line is dead, how on earth we can receive a phone call on it. He asked, “what about on your other numbers, you may have received a call on your other numbers”. We confirmed that we have received No call from PTCL on any of our numbers. On that he suggested us to register another complaint, this time he gave us complaint number 87.

At 5th try, on September 02, 2013, we registered our complaint through PTCL Mobile complaint registration system CP 0523510501 LL. It gave us a complaint number 1-10969402432.

In the meantime of these complaint registrations, we kept in touch with line maintenance staff. Each time we visited them, they were very confident and very fluent in one sentence, “Today your complaint will be resolved, don’t worry”, and some other sentences like, “It will be resolved within an hour”, “till afternoon, definitely!”, “till evening, definitely!”.

Seems that the line maintenance staff has somehow managed to find a way to illegitimately delete the complaints from PTCL system, showing them Resolved, but actually the problem still exists at customers end and never resolves. They don’t care people are disconnected, or their own company is loosing profit. They just want their peace of mind. A complaint which should be resolved within 2 to 3 days maximum, often takes weeks and even months. There is no point of registering complaints if these will be deleted in such a deceitful way.

Please discuss this issue in your next meeting with technical board and design a new Complaint Registration / Solving System which is more accurate and fool proof.


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