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Fashion Rules the World and Changing Fashion Trends in Pakistan

The fashion industry’s style and trends influence the world more than ever as we come across the twenty-first century. It’s not just how people dress up but also the trends in homeware design, makeup fashion, and people’s overall attitudes are influenced by changing fashion. Fashion nowadays is bold and adventurous, reflecting a generation born in the 1990s that isn’t afraid to say what they think they will wear and what they like. Fashion is more than just a way to dress your body; it is a reflection of your personality and values, and designers are well aware of their influence.


The predictions and designs of fashion designers for the coming season are more eagerly awaited than any other news in the world. Fashion trends bring women and men from all over the world together, while also allowing them to express their own personal style. Fashion can shift in an instant, but the power it wields over society and the part it plays in the modern world remains constant. People subscribe to fashion magazines to keep up with the latest trends, keep a close eye on what has just appeared in stores and what has been there for a long time, and attend fashion shows to see what the designers are putting on the catwalk this season, and thus what will make it into stores. Many people who want to know what the latest fashion lines are going to start looking at what celebrities are wearing. The exceptionally wealthy will have their own personal partnership with a designer who will keep them well ahead of the current trends. If you follow a fashion trend which is not launched yet then it’s an ultimate achievement and it means you are ahead of the current trend and in this case some people think that what you follow is not in fashion because it isn’t, yet in the market. Designers continue to market the value they know people place on fashion, and people continue to follow designers’ every step in the fashion world, so fashion can retain its dominant role in society for a long time to come as long as this continues. It has an effect on not just what we wear, but also what we do, say, and think. This is the reason that fashion rules the world.

Pakistan is confronted with numerous economic, political, and other challenges. Today’s constantly evolving fashion trends are one of the most pressing issues. It may sound strange, but it is true because the costs of keeping up with the latest fashion trends are huge, making it difficult for third-world countries like Pakistan to afford fashion in our everyday lives. However, no aspect of life, whether economic, cultural, religious, or recreational, has escaped the profound impact of this massive change. Everyone wants to appear chic and sophisticated, so they imitate and adapt to the latest fashion trends. It is our right to live our lives as we see fit. We will have to make some minor adjustments as a result of this. For example, we could alter our clothing style. We can alter our routine, our diet, and even our way of life.

Whatever makes a person happy should be pursued. According to many business theories, change is often inevitable not only for business but also for personal reasons. Pakistan has been a society in transition since its independence. Pakistani society is complex and therefore ever-changing, and its trends are changing and transforming all the time. As a result, in terms of fashion, we can keep up with and travel with the times. If we don’t adopt it, people will think we’re either stupid or unfashionable because we don’t understand fashion and can’t fit in with society. As a result, it can be said that variety is the spice of life, as a monotonous existence simply bores us. It is not necessary to make significant changes every day. We can opt for minor adjustments that are relatively inexpensive. Changes, on the other hand, must be constructive because a negative improvement, or something negative, breeds total sarcasm and evil behavior. In addition, a shift has a profound psychological effect on the conscious mind of humans. “It is frightening because it has the potential to make things worse. It is reassuring to the positive that things can improve. According to King Whitney Jr., it is motivational to the confident because the challenge remains to improve things. Pakistan has introduced and abolished the variety over the last few years. However, the adoption rate is higher than the rate of abolishment.

Cartoon culture, for example, has grown in popularity among children and even teenagers. Similarly, social media and Indian films are becoming increasingly popular among Pakistanis, especially among the younger generations, and are eroding many of our society’s traditions and values. Our society values relationships, but this community treats them as a means of entertainment, and as a result, the aspect of respect has all but disappeared. They enjoy spending time with family members such as their father, mother, brothers, and sisters. The sacredness and uniqueness of these relationships are eroding. One of the reasons why the younger generation is going astray and gradually embracing western culture is because of this. Pakistan’s fashion revolution has shifted into high gear, as evidenced by the growing number of designer stores across the country. Amir Adnan, Teena Durrani, HSY, Maria B, Maheen, Sonya Battla, Khaadi, Deepak Perwani, and Karma, among others, have had a long retail presence, but now, even designers like Sara Shahid, Saman Arif (Nayna), Nomi Ansari, Umar Sayeed, and Zara Shahjahan, who have been suspiciously watching the market, are throwing caution to the wind. They know that competition is increasing every day, so they must deliver something fresh and exciting to capture the demand and gain a competitive advantage over the other brands in the market.

Now that the trend has changed to made-to-order bridals, it’s time to plunge into the mass market and plan to invest in low-cost ready-to-wear available in retail outlets. In addition, the idea of digital business, also known as online business, has gained traction. It is ideal for those who have entrepreneurial experience but are unable to start their own company for a variety of reasons, including financial constraints. Women will also benefit from this because they face a number of issues when they first join the workforce. I’m not saying you shouldn’t follow trends or that they’re evil, but we should keep one thing in mind. As Muslims, we cannot do something that goes beyond our boundary. As a result, keep up with the latest trends while remaining inside your comfort zone.

Between religion and worldly affairs, there should be a compromise. And I am pleased to inform you that some well-known fashion designers take Muslim fashion clothing very seriously and have worked tirelessly to advance Muslim fashion. Many well-known designers are creating Muslim fashion clothing which are still popular and can be found in online stores. It is available for purchase online or at retailers with significant discounts. Furthermore, only a few years ago, readymade fashionable Abayas appeared on the market, especially in Lahore. Various retail stores for fashionable Abayas and hijabs have opened in Pakistan’s fashion districts. Muslim fashion entrepreneurs recognized the need for modern Islamic apparel and began opening fashionable boutiques that sell these garments in a variety of colors, styles, and designs. The Pakistani government also supports the fashion industry. A growing number of fashion institutes are being launched to invest in this field. We can export our high-quality value-added garments to other Muslim countries, which will help improve the local manufacturing infrastructure and enable us to compete in global markets and benefit from economies of scale.

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