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Fall of Saddam’s Great Iraq

Fall of Saddam’s Great Iraq

A paradise in the making, a state taking the shape of one of the most developed countries of the world and an Eden for the job seeker citizens of the countries of the world, Saddam’s great Iraq was subjected to conspiracies of habitual trouble makers. On extra ordinary lucrative under taking, probably making Kuwait a […]

Saddam’s Great Iraq – 14

Saddam’s Great Iraq – 14

Now comes the account of a particular day in Iraq. It was very hot right from the early morning. Mr. Mehmood chose to stay at camp. I started for the site with my team. This day’s job was well within the sand dunes. We took the vehicle into the desert as far as it could […]


Saddam’s Great Iraq – 13

The Iraqi incharge of the project designated as ‘Raes ul Firka’ arranged all furniture and stores including fridge, freezer and cooking range, over to the project sight well in advance and settled everything in the hired house in a very small colony, a few kilometres from the working area. The project site was more than […]

Saddam’s Great Iraq – 12

Saddam’s Great Iraq – 12

The war was on. Iraqi Airways was completely grounded and sheltered. No air service of any airline was functioning because Iran had threatened that it will target anything in the air. By the end of 1980, I got about 4 weeks leave sanctioned for visit to Pakistan. The route was journey by bus up to […]

Saddam’s Great Iraq – 11

Saddam’s Great Iraq – 11

IRAQ, the beautiful country of beautiful, courteous and generous citizens, is a land of jewels, gems and fossils. The country might have been captured by colonial adventurers for some time but you will never find a citizen with slaves’ mentality. Liberty is studded deeply into the temperament of everyone in cities as well as in […]

Arab Aftar

Saddam’s Great Iraq – 10

We continued the projects throughout the war. Projects were kept running at all costs. There are compact raised embankments on the banks of River Dajla and River Faraat, tops of which are used regularly as motorable tracks. These are very good communication source. These link almost all villages with the metalled roads and there from […]

Saddam's Great Iraq - 9

Saddam’s Great Iraq – 9

This was going to be just the start from Iranian side as we later came to know. The next surprising big attack by Iranians was lunched in vast captured area, in Shush, early in the dark hours of a morning. Thousands of Iraqis were captured, and thousands died without firing any bullet and the rest […]

Saddam's Great Iraq - 7

Saddam’s Great Iraq – 7

The next day of April, 1980 was an extra ordinary day, not only on this project but also for four years of my stay in Iraq. I was busy with my team on site. So many other teams were busy with various assignments. An unknown helper left his team, approached me walking quickly and standing […]

Saddam's Great Iraq - 6

Saddam’s Great Iraq – 6

After a few weeks I was assigned a project, an execution project of course, in Miqdadia near north-western border of Iran. Here we were provided AC cabins for stay. All meals and tea / coffee were totally free. I was informed that project management authorities were responsible for providing free accommodation and meals for all […]

Saddam's Great Iraq - 5

Saddam’s Great Iraq – 5

After the event of encounter with Egyptian and Palestinian surveyors, atmosphere of the whole camp became very accommodating for me. Engineers of various countries and nationalities started giving me ever more regards than before. It appeared that they had accepted me as an authority in matters of surveying and route location for canals and drains. […]

Saddam's Great Iraq - 4

Saddam’s Great Iraq – 4

To live and function among the company of engineers and staff of different nationalities was a beautiful experience, but first of my life. Engineers came from three nationalities or sectors i.e. Asia, Europe and Africa; extreme white, extreme black and the medium colored people of the world working together. So everybody enjoyed the company of […]

Saddam’s Great Iraq – 3

Saddam’s Great Iraq – 3

During month of Ramadan, year 1980, I was appointed to work with a team of surveyors in and around Hilla City. This team consisted of Iraqis, Egyptians, Palestinians, one Polish and one Pakistani. I had been assigned the job of preparation of a comprehensive topographical map of thousand of acres of area for planning treatment […]

Saddam's Great Iraq - 2

Saddam’s Great Iraq – 2

There are no hard and fast timings for meals. I have seen people enjoying various meals, drinks and saltish items in restaurants from 6:00 AM to 1:00 AM. The restaurants’ staff works in shifts but there is no break in entertainment services for the people. Some of the meals that differ from those in our […]

Saddam's Great Iraq - 1

Saddam’s Great Iraq – 1

During first quarter of year 1979, I received a letter from Government of Iraq, informing that my application for service in Iraq had been processed and that I was invited to join Bureau of Soil Studies & Design, as soon as possible. After about two and half months I landed in Baghdad. I joined the […]