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Vicious Against Sincerity

Gracanica Church Kosovo Fundamentals of all religions based on Almighty’s power of creation and accountability are truthful. Such religions teach truth, honesty and mercy in all circumstances of human life. Rational, sane and sincere behaviour of believers are blessings of such religions. Almighty cares so seriously about these religions that He does not hesitate to completely exterminate groups of people posing danger for believers. This attitude of Almighty has been recorded in Muslims’ Holly Book Quran (Surah Al Hajj, Verse 40) which says,

“If Almighty stops exterminating people by other people, the Monasteries, Churches, Jews’ worship places and Mosques, where Almighty is very much remembered, are sure to be destroyed”.

Sera Temple All other man made ideologies are utterly groundless and deceptive. With limited wisdom and vision, no human being is competent for devising regulations for all generations to come. Mankind’s wisdom is extremely limited exactly like his eyesight which fails to physically see on other sides of obstructions.

There is a section of believers who do believe in any of the established religions, but in life never apply its teachings practically. They will say that religion and belief are doubtlessly correct, but there are wordily obligations that have to be dealt with only by trespassing the limits prescribed by the religion. So their belief in religion is there, but their religion devised character is not there. So they are believers without abiding by the instructions of the religion. They always abide by religion for worships, religious gatherings, social functions of believers, marriages, birth ceremonies and deaths, but are not at all fair in man to man dealing. They will loot every individual coming closer to their webs and spare not even their blood relations.

Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple Now there is a far more deceptive and trouble maker specie of mankind, who always pose to be believers of some religion, whereas factually they hate the very idea of such way of thinking. They are the type of mankind responsible for all troubles for all living beings. They are like a thorn causing decay inside an injury, but not detectable by any mechanism. All human miseries emanate from their vicious activities which are multiple directional. When they die they leave behind trained gangs for continued tyranny for mankind. Such groups are highly trained to be always within the garb of gentlemen believers not missing a single chance of their regular appearance in Temples, Shrines and Mosques. They possess extra ordinary tactics of duping all sacred institutions. They always concentrate on self benefits only. For them, sacred Ganga, Makka, Jerusalem, Budh Shrines and Golden Temple bear no importance. Nothing is trustworthy for them except the mass covered b their skin. In certain circumstances they wouldn’t hesitate to bargain on the honor and life of their family members. You trust them with the supervision and management of an institution or state’s ministry, they will play hell with its funds, and later feeling that they have been discovered, they will instantly quit and start weeping before the media saying that their honour has been attacked. They will confirm that they are as innocent and fault free as at the time of delivery by their mothers.

Golden Temple Amritsar Both of these species of believers play hell with the rights and benefits of all human being throughout all regions of the world. Amongst them are the creators of declared corrupt states of the world, where they loot all public funds for their luxuries and foreign banks, leaving the citizens in poverty, deprived of all basic facilities of life. Their ill earned high standards of living are far higher as compared to the richest citizens of richest states of the world. As for the real human values, they are so exceptionally degenerated that they never feel ashamed of their lives.

Being preacher of Islam and head of Muslim believers, Muhammad (PBUH) always treated the believers of all other religions with due respect and reverence. He never hated anybody in life. It is mentionable here that as supreme ruler of the Islamic State of Arabian Peninsula, his personal property as mentioned by one of his visiting close companions, consisted of:-

Badshahi Mosque Lahore 1- An ordinary cot, threats of which left clear signs on his body.

2- A pillow packed with rough material.

3- A small quantity of barely by the side of the room.

4- An animal skin on feet side of the cot.

5- A few water carrying bags made from animal skin.

6- A walking stick by the head side of the cot.

Tears flew down the eyes of the visiting companions. The reason of tears that the visitor stated was that the glory of the rulers of Rome and Iran spontaneously drew a comparison in his mind.


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