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Urban Forestation is the Dire Need of Pakistan

In Pakistan, 36.91 percent of the total population lives in urban areas. The need for urban forestation has increased in Pakistan more than ever since long. The twenty first century is the century of urbanisation. In Pakistan, the trend of moving towards urban cities has been increasing. According to the forestry department, 10 percent of the population has moved to urban areas. Rural areas aren’t fulfilling green requirements as societies and colonies have been architecting. Therefore, now Pakistan is facing environmental and economic challenges because natural greenery has decreased all over the country. On a daily basis, it comes in news that construction companies are replacing green and fertile lands with residential colonies. Rest cutting trees and plants have filled the place and caused environmental and climate changes. This has an impact on the climate, environment and also the water system of Pakistan somehow. According to UNSDG (sustainable development goals of the UN), 80 of rain, small channels & flood water can be stored with the help of a new concept which is urban forestation.


Without Urban Forestation There Is No Alternative!
The need for urban forests has increased this year because 50 °C temperatures have been recorded so far in some cities of Pakistan. Prime minister Imran Khan came into the majority with the flagship of a Billion Tree Tsunami. He took many initiatives to provide vegetation to urban areas like in Karachi Clifton, under the supervision of Masood Lohar. Within two months, they built an urban forest in Karachi & this will prove resilient to environmental challenges. Urban forests are emerging all throughout the nation as people and authorities deal with the fact of heat waves and decreasing green cover. According to Pakistan’s Ministry of Climate Change, the Miyawaki technique is being used in 126 urban forest projects across the country, with 51 in Lahore, 50 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 20 in Islamabad, and five in Karachi. In this technique, 30 to 40 species of plants and shrubs are installed in one place with a proper cultivation process. The PM has inaugurated a spring plantation campaign and started the first Miyawaki forest in Islamabad. The Miyawaki technique grows plants and trees faster than conventional forestation system. This strategy based on urban forestation is adjustable with local soil and sand. That is why Pakistan must expand urban forestation through this method. So, our water level went up with mitigating the environmental & climate challenges. With the flagship of the Billion Tree Tsunami, the Government of Punjab has also planted around 160,000 trees of multiple species on eleven hectares of land. Urban forestation with Miyawaki technique will be expanded to other cities of Pakistan because now it has been noticed that without urban forestation, Pakistan is in the top fastest deforestation list, said by the ministry of climate change. The Government’s initiative for urban forestation by using Miyawaki technique will bring a healthier environment and will regulate temperature and water level will be higher. The International Union of conversation of nature stated that forests help to reduce pollution, stabilize the climate and regulate the nation’s ecosystem and increase biodiversity. These all things will play a significant part in the carbon cycle, and will support livelihoods which will bring sustainable development in Pakistan. Urban forestation will help Pakistan to moderate its local temperatures and it will increase the natural beauty with greenery.

Core Merits
Urban Forestation improves the air quality and also regulates the local temperatures of the country. In bad air quality, Pakistan’s number is second after Bangladesh, countries which have bad quality air pollution. If the government succeeds in their initiative in respect of urban forest, then the nation’s air quality and temperature could be better. This vegetation process regulates the temperature and noise level of the local area. That is why urban forestation with Miyawaki technique has been so popular among all prectitioners and experts in the field. Soil becomes more protected and protective simultaneously and it mitigates the risk of flooding in the country. Erosion can be reduced as forestation works as a force against hazardous changes. In Pakistan, earth quakes have been recorded many times. According to the natural environment department, these events are recorded continuously in countries whose forestry system is in not well being. Pakistan is one of the top countries in deforestation. That’s why our erosion system is not according to the geological standard. Urban forestation helps to provide a great and healthier habitat for biodiversity. Urban forestation will control the water level according to the city and its soil, CO2 that would otherwise remain in the environment is stored in forests. Urban forestation can regularize the oxygen need in the community. According to the report of UNICEF, the whole world will face scarce oxygen if the forestry system is not improved. In facet to urban forestation, the water system of Pakistan will be better, because forestry soil absorbs the extra water into the surface, and it will also increase the water resources in the country.

Sum Up All Together
Conventional forest takes almost 200 years to recover on its own, but urban forestation with Miyawaki technique achieved similar results only in 20 years. Also, urban forestation is the only way for Pakistan to get rid of environmental and ecosystem challenges which the country is currently facing. Therefore, Imran Khan has inaugurated Miyawaki forest in the Capital city and many urban forestry projects are in paper working and some of them have started like in Lahore and KPK. Pakistan can achieve multiple advantages through urban forestation because it will reduce the heat level and make soil more fertile and suitable for biodiversity. Urban forestation will help in absorption of water and will reduce the water scarcity in Pakistan. As in Pakistan, water scarcity is becoming a major issue, therefore urban forestation has become a dire need of our country.

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