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Worth of Pakistani Rupee in The Asian Market 2021

Worth of Pakistani Rupee in the Asian market 2021. Why It is lowest now in Imran’s era? The Fiscal and Monetary Policy are the two tools used by governments to collect money from its tax payers and for the circulation of money in the economy enabling local and foreign investors to act accordingly based on […]

Housing Societies Are Devouring Fertile Lands In Pakistan

Housing Societies Are Devouring Fertile Lands In Pakistan

Housing Societies Are Devouring The Fertile Lands In Pakistan. A Country Recognized as an Agriculture Economy and Food Rich Region, is Compelled to Import Basic Food Items. How Pathetic! Why Housing Societies Are Rising! Gigantic housing builders are fast devouring Pakistan’s agricultural and productive lands, which will have hazardous effects on our country’s food security […]


Urban Forestation is the Dire Need of Pakistan

In Pakistan, 36.91 percent of the total population lives in urban areas. The need for urban forestation has increased in Pakistan more than ever since long. The twenty first century is the century of urbanisation. In Pakistan, the trend of moving towards urban cities has been increasing. According to the forestry department, 10 percent of […]


Real Estate Developers are Devouring the Fertile Land of Pakistan

Concrete Terrorism Nobody Paying Attention Towards We are an agriculture-based country and our country’s majority population lives in villages. Majority of the people living in Pakistan are uneducated people and are unable to get a job that will earn them a decent living to support their families. By not being able to utilize this large […]

Automobile Sector in Pakistan

Automobile Sector in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the automobile industry ever since Japanese automakers came to Pakistan in 1970’s all vehicles were assembled in Japan and later, they shifted assembly plants to export markets to save cost and maximize profitability. In Pakistan’s last 50 years of auto car history for sure Toyota remains the top selling brand ever since day […]