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Ignoring Root Cause of Women’s Sufferings

domestic_violence There are so many organizations active for cause of suffering women, throughout the world. Are these redressing the root cause of the problem? Are these really concerned for suffering women? Are these really needed at all? These are a few of the questions needing answers for effective solutions to the problem of suffering women throughout the world. Working of all these organizations gives every indication of lacking proper analysis and planning for helping the suffering women for all times to come. Unplanned approach to any problem must result in mockery of the issue, whereas this particular issue concerns the honor and dignity of mother of human beings. Undisciplined approach in the matter may appear to be merely for popularity and reputation.

Every religion with a book of instructions strictly instructs for respect and regards for women. In more than 90% cases of abuse to women, the males involved are believers by inheritance and they have never studied the books of their belief, in whole life. Majority of them are illiterate due to which they cannot even think of going through the instructions of the Holly books that teach them to be polite and submissive to women. They never understand and believe that during particular monthly period, women slightly loose control of their temperaments and consequently they need more care and sympathy. Take the example of single year’s cases in any one country, it will be discovered that in about 95% of cases, the culprits are with inherited belief, illiterate and know nothing about the obligations and responsibilities towards their wives and children. So the root cause of the problem is illiteracy. Without educating the population (at least high school graduation) there is no solution to the problem. No law can stop a man from cruelty against women, when he ultimately comes to it. There are laws for curbing various other crimes but in low literacy states, the situation is very unsatisfactory. Education and spiritual books of beliefs can work wonders. Here comes worldwide problem of literacy in developing and under developing states.

All low literacy states suffer from multiple complex crimes including survival of corrupt politicians, who pollute every nook of every social setup. In such states women and children suffer most. Misbehaviour and cruelty against one woman affect more than three children on the average, in one home. What to talk of millions of homes throughout the world?

domestic_violence2 Newspapers’ articles give lists of kinds of violence (maximum seven: honour killing, rape, sexual harassment, handing over of women in compensation, acid attack, forced marriage and marriage to the Quran) against women, but nobody mentions about a serious violence of using women to display their bodies for earning millions in favour of groups of males completely clad from toe to neck. Use of tele / print media devices against the norm of cultural values of the society creates unsolvable problems for conservative class of house wives and children. A few dozen people maintaining kingly lives through business of modeling and fashion shows in conservative sections of various societies are causes of complex troubles for so many house wives. Illiterate rich husbands expect modeling gestures from their wives and engineer out cause of friction in the family. The ruling authorities have an important responsibility to maintain pro culture atmosphere. They need to strongly obstruct anti culture activities at all costs for maintaining tranquility in social setup. All social setups can never submerge in a single way of living. Permitting free hand to tele / print media will result in more and more crimes and corruptions and more cases of torturing women and children.

It will remain to be an honour for prominent Italian women (poets, actresses, social workers), who’s campaign for dignity of women started with specie of violence not secured by any law in the world.

There is still another torturing violence never mentioned by the concerned organizations. Sex markets, open and concealed, comprise of women abducted or purchased from various places. It is extremely difficult to approach these markets and hear the sufferings of women. Sometime back, during a survey of HIV+ cases, the team members were not permitted to enter certain enclaves, on instructions from higher authorities.

So all organizations active in providing respect and security to women all over the world must become part of women organization of Rome (Italy), that holds the unique honour of organizing women’s biggest protest in mankind’s history. Italian organizations also spoke against media for using women’s body displays for earning money.

Putting all sincere efforts for honour and security for women and their children, following steps are suggested:-

1- Raise level of literacy in all low literacy states.

2- Instructions of Holly books should be repeatedly reminded to the believers. Knowledge of instructions of pertinent Holly book, works wonder for creating reasonable behaviour of men towards women.

3- Educated believers must regularly and continuously study the instructions of their Holly books for improving their conduct more and more.

4- All types of media must go pro culture.

5- Modeling nurseries should be checked and investigated and the owning kings should be interrogated. Women are mothers of generations. Earning money by display of their body parts is out right insult to them.

6- Fake efforts should be stopped. An example of Italian organization, doubtlessly sincere body for respect to women, should be followed.


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