Thursday, September 23, 2021

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Ten Most Useful Household Items

Clothes Dryer Stand: I know we love those old-school rope and pin system and no doubt they work wonderfully. They work even better if you are making a music video or are falling in love in a movie or a TV show. The girl is hanging clothes on the line and she catches the guy […]

emotional abuse

Why Talk About Emotional Abuse?

When we talk about abuse, we don’t realize how many layers it has and how many different forms it can take. Sometimes the discussion remains incomplete because we are not able to look at the big picture. We are too busy trying to validate both parties because from the very beginning, we are taught that […]

isolated men

The Isolated Men of Pakistan

Privilege and power come with increased responsibility and burdens. While the Western societies have advanced far and wide in their understanding of mental health struggles, South-East Asians struggle to even acknowledge their existence. That is partially due to social stigma but not entirely so. The important question is, can we even afford to focus on […]

Anecdotes for Young Men About to Marry

Anecdotes for Young Men About to Marry

Special for citizens of countries of Subcontinent Conservative brides prove to be good wives and excellent mothers even if they are less educated. Modern women, modern in any form, are too busy in their dresses, matching shoes, matching ornaments and matching nail polish and lip-stick, to look after the babies to concentrate on their rearing. […]