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Pakistan Energy Crisis Solutions

Concerning the overwhelming energy crisis in Pakistan and Gas & Power load shedding, Dr. Samar Mubarak Mand has proposed a quick solution for industrial sector to coup with this problem. His proposal entitled “An Immediate Solution” has been distributed to all Chamber of Commerce & Industry bodies throughout Pakistan. I received a copy of it on July 07, 2012 from Sialkot Chamber by email. This is my reply to Chamber body and to respected Dr. Samar Mubarak Mand. We highly appreciate his research and presenting such valuable information.

Hydropower-Projects Thank you for the information on “Surface Gasification Plants” for manufacturing sectors. The solution is applicable, but perhaps only suitable to giant manufacturing units. Small and medium industries can not afford to invest into this option. Through this method the most possible minimum electricity cost will be Rs. 7.5 per unit, which itself is high, and by adding the maintenance cost of these Gasification Plants and OHC, the minimum electricity cost will raise up to Rs. 12 to 15 per unit, undoubtedly very expensive, (Point to be noted, it is minimum).

We should more concentrate, rely and push forward our efforts for Hydropower projects. Our country has huge potential in Hydropower sector and there are many projects which can be completed in shortest time. Such as:

1- Punjab province can fulfill all of its electricity needs from Punjab Canal System, by establishing small size Hydropower plants on each canal. Each canal has 2 to 3 such points where natural fall of water is from 5 to 10 feet which can be optimized according to need. This can help generate huge volume of electricity. This can also be done in Sindh province where country’s second large network of canals exists.

2- Thermal Power projects (coal powered)  is a nice alternate until we convert our system to long term hydro power option and other options. It generates litle carbon foot prints but at least for the time being it is suitable and easily installable. Two of such projects are hanging in darkness which can contribute 1000 Megawatt electricity, the one near Sialkot at place called Nandipur, its closed at present, it has the capacity of 435 MW. And the second is at place called Chicho ki Malian (Muridke, Shaikhupura), it has capacity of 465 MW at hand. These both are closed due to enormous corruption scandals by government Ministers.

3- According to experts, Marala Head Works Hydro Power Project (also as known, Head Marala) can generate electricity which is enough for Sialkot, Gujranwala and Gujarat districts. In year 2007, there was news that private sector is very interested in this project, and a Chinese firm was also interested in this project. Feasibility reports were made and as a first step 20 MW project was finalized, but no real progress so far and the project has been suspended since then. Obviously because of political complications.

4- In Azad Kashmir alone, there are 25 different small Hydropower projects, have their feasibility reports ready and finalized, electricity generation capacity from 250 KW to 5 MW per project. These projects are quite easy to build that electricity can be generated from these within a 1 to 2 year work.

5- Why the government is not taking any step to promote Solar Energy generation projects. Our neighbour country is making 1400 MW of electricity from Solar Power Plants (till July 2012), whereas our Pakistani government has done nothing, absolute zero progress in the field of Solar Power Projects. Infact, government of Pakistan practically discourage the citizens to not involve in any such efforts. The proof of this, is the huge volume of Taxes and Customs Duties on import of Solar Panels or any other Solar power generation related equipment.

6- Solar Energy electricity generation is the second most economical, easy and cost effective option after the Hydropower electricity generation method. Unfortunately,  last two governments of Pakistan have done nothing, zero progress, to promote this option. Infact, like an enemy of nation and the state, they have deliberately made this option so difficult that a common man or a small business can not consider investing in this option. Government should first lift off all Customs Duty, VAT and any other Taxes on solar energy equipment imports, plus setup a percentage rebate for those who opt to manufacture these equipment in Pakistan. Furthermore, government should also setup a small percentage of rebate for those who install a Solar Energy Plant at their premises, a home user or a small business. This will help a lot to encourage and attract people toward this option.

Thermal Power Projects are also very useful and work should be continued on these alongside as an alternative, but ultimate success lies only in Hydropower projects. There is no need to deliberately pollute our environment with access Carbon by burning oil and coal. There is no need to waste our foreign reserve on expensive options such as Gasification Plants. Such projects will be a permanent headache. We can easily and economically generate huge volume electricity from Hydropower projects, Solar projects and Wind Turbine projects.

Dr. Samar Mubarikmand, please also start a campaign to promote and support the efforts for Hydropower projects. The more we educate the people and our industrial sector the more it will become easy to make these projects successful. Most of the people have no idea about these small Hydropower projects and their true potential. Construction of huge dams is crucial, but it will take years of time to construct a major dam, even if we start work on any one. Whereas, small Hydropower projects can generate electricity within couple of years time.

Governments can not deprive us from our very own resources bestowed by God Almighty. If they play politics, we can play business, as a slight sprinkle of positive Capitalism can be used for good cause.


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