Sunday, February 25, 2024

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Tiktok Influencer Culture and Undeserved Fame

We live in confusing times. Quite often it is hard to track why and how someone got famous and their life completely changed without doing anything in particular. These questions arise only because a large population of people struggles for basic necessities. These people do not benefit from the changing trends of the world, the […]

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Protecting Minors Online

It is inevitable. Generation Z has entered the era where it is not possible to stay without internet. Every source of information and service is available online. While the generations before could argue against internet and social media and stay off of it. The same can not be done by Gen Z. These people were […]

Ban YouTube in Smart Way

Ban YouTube in Smart Way

YouTube Ban is negatively effecting Students and Businesses Government action of YouTube ban was taken upon video clips of Blasphemy movie Innocence of Muslims uploaded to YouTube. On one hand, the content of the video inflamed the religious sensitivity of Muslim population, resulted in revolts and violent protests causing a lot of damage of life & […]