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Unusual Collective Retreat

NATO members collated with Americans to invade Afghanistan, on the assumption that every one of them might have to face similar terrorism. Factually there was nothing in the offing even in the remote future. On the contrary they might have endangered themselves for the terrorism after being a part of the invading forces. Spain wisely withdrew and got secured after the singular instance of terrorism. The process of unsolved, unresolved and unsettled deep rooted grievances keep changing strategies, reemerging for want of final settlement. Today it is Al-Qaeda, tomorrow it may be a different name with far more harming strategies unknown to modern chapters of intelligence and spying. Lessons learnt from Vietnam, Soviet invasion and the sample retaliations during starting two years of Afghanistan war, must have been sound pleading factors to withdraw forthwith for negotiated settlement. General Nick Carter’s (UK) advice of June 2013 is too belated to be of any benefit.

Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan

Afghans’ first victory near Kandhar, second victory near Zabul and third and conclusive victory near Chakarikar, forced the entire Genghis army out of Afghanistan. It was not a simple defeat for Genghis Khan. The first confrontation near Kandhar did not leave a single Tatari alive. In the following two confrontations Genghis armies were completely swept and trampled. All these three confrontations took place during year 1221 AD under the leadership of Sultan Jalal-ud-Din. Except for these decisive defeats during a single year, Genghis was never defeated in life. He did understand the message that any numbers of efforts were going to meet the same fate. And all this took only a small decimal of thirteen years period of NATO invasion. Invincible Genghis proved to be invincibly wise with instant decision power and assessment.

Not learning from Genghis, British rulers of Colonial India took a number of years (1839 to 1880) to conquer Afghanistan and after enormous destruction of human life and property, came to the negotiating table, rather negotiating hills and deserts for demarcation of Afghan-India boundary line by the end of 19th century. Now in this advanced era of science, technology, arsenal and extra planet space research, 13 years have been taken for making the ‘instant decision’. There must be some technical reason for such type of ‘instant decision making’. The reason is very simple and rather non technical. Anything planned on the basis of resources of power, arsenal, equipment and highly trained troops, ultimately ends in humiliating defeat. A just cause only wins ultimately. Even if you manage to destroy a whole nation, the after effects of such destruction must turn out to be horrible for the devastator as well as for the rest of the mankind near and far. Aggressions based on greed and grab end in disaster for the aggressors. Infact more and more variety and magnitude of arsenal behave exactly like the brain eating amoeba. What will then be left for learning from Torat, Injeel, Geeta and Quran?

When America had been planning to invade Afghanistan, a Russian general said “there are many tracks for entering Afghanistan but there is only a single track for coming out of it. And that track is passage of insult. Afghanistan proved Vietnam for us and it will prove to be second Vietnam for America. History is witness that even Genghis could not stay there”. When a general refers to Genghis, he certainly means something extra ordinary.

Sir Winston Churchill (British) opined about Americans “Americans will always do the right thing…… after they’ve exhausted all the alternates”. Lessons are numerous. God save American citizens and the countries invaded.

Communism Ms. A. S. Suu Kyi of Myanmar, Noble Prize winner, said “Power is not basis of misconduct. Basis of misconduct is fear. Fear of deprivation form power leads the powerful to misconduct…” If we replace the word ‘fear’ by ‘greed’ the statement will become further universal, greed for capturing possessions of peoples, apparently weak and insecure. With the expiry of colonial rule era, buffer states era took the start. In buffer states, governments are formed through so called democratic process but every government is run according to foreign dictations for all affairs including development and research, in return for heavy volume of aid and debts. Interference in Vietnam was aimed at adding another state to the pool of buffer states. Twice interference in Afghanistan was exclusively for the natural resources. Attempt by USSR appears to have been planned a year or two after the Communist Revolution in year 1917 and it indicated areas up to the right bank of river Indus. Attempt number two by America smells to have been spontaneous with comparatively hasty arrangements. Aggressions against Iraq appear to have been planned with the arrival of Imam Khomeini and his team. It involved years of arrangements, using Saddam Hussian as the starter. Planning against North Korea and Iran appears to be continuing. All states being run on the basis of self determination are on the hit list of countries owning power, but ultimate of all greed oriented aggressions is waste of resources and human lives.

It is generally noted that powerful countries plan and negotiate with brains of arsenal. When sitting on the negotiation table, they remain absorbed in use of arsenal, species of arms and ammunitions. A lucky powerful country always negotiates with the spirit of give and take policy and thus saves the natural resources for more and more welfare of citizens.


U.S Marine VS. Taliban fighter

Writers have given varied opinions on reasons of failure in Afghanistan. They say that proper preparation had not been made. They say there were flaws in counter insurgencies. They say there were blunders in giving attentions to priority areas. Every writer avoids resorting to the plain truth that to safeguard, honestly and sincerely, their home land and culture Afghans know the art of using grey matter with spirit of sacrifice. One time effort by Genghis, four efforts by Britain, full-force attempt by Soviet Union and 13 years of operations jointly by the most developed and affluent nations of the world, all doomed to failure and humiliation, settles something deserving salutes of honour and reverence for the defenders whole heatedly. Declared acceptance to debacle remains to be a bit of honor to be received broadmindedly.


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